Best wedding photographer in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"mejor fotografo de bodas mallorca"

Best wedding photographer in Mallorca.

I am immensely happy to have once again received the award for best wedding photographer in Mallorca. Every year it is a challenge to stay at a high level and even exceed it.

The wedding seasons are getting more and more exciting and I always look forward to it. I have some amazing couples with whom I create a very special relationship. With them I create a bond of trust and friendship that is reflected in their great recommendations and comments. Thanks to this, the portal has awarded me again this prize.


"ALT"tendencias de boda 2022 ceremonia"

It is not easy to try to do better every year and give your all at every wedding. It takes a lot of love for this job and as a wedding photographer in Mallorca I do it. I love it when I receive a wedding request on my mobile phone. Just opening the email, seeing the date and knowing that I am free is a rush.

Every wedding is unique

Then I make the call to find out more information so I can make a quote based on all the details. I love to establish a conversation with the person on the other end. Every couple has a different story, a journey already started. Many have already found Finca, wedding planner or caterer or dj…. They tell me all the steps they have taken and I listen to them giving them my advice and information.


There are some couples who have not looked for anything yet and prefer to have the best wedding photographer in Mallorca first. When they tell me this it is an honour to know that they attach a lot of importance to the photography at their wedding. It is perhaps the only memory they will keep in the end. Years down the line it will be the photos that they will look back on and remember that great day.


"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 amor"

Many couples appreciate the level of photography and realise that my style is unique. They won’t see static moments in my photos where nothing happens. You won’t see poses that are already so chewed up that you feel lazy to look at them. Everything I do is very natural and spontaneous, they are moments lived within that big day.

Unique and magical moments

Often couples don’t notice a lot of things that go on around them during the wedding. Maybe her mother has started crying and her brother has given her the hug of her life. His father has taken off his jacket and started dancing with the mother-in-law who seemed to dislike him. The bride’s sister is flirting with the cute bachelor who is the groom’s cousin.

Anyway, there are so many things that can happen at a wedding that I try to capture with my camera.

As I was saying before during the first phone conversation we have we already started a relationship. If you hire me as your best wedding photographer in Mallorca we will be together in all the steps leading up to the wedding date. We will meet to see the place you have chosen, I will help you with the lighting so that everything is beautiful. Also a good and beautiful light is a must for fantastic photos. We will go for a few beers and you will tell me how you met each other. Tell me which of you was the one who proposed and how. If you need advice on where to find the perfect wedding suit or what style the groom should wear. I will be happy to help you with everything because I love being a wedding photographer in Mallorca.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 emociones"

Friendships for life

I have been lucky enough to create lifelong friendships with couples whose weddings I have photographed. This is one of the best things about this job as a wedding photographer in Mallorca. I feel privileged to meet so many people through this profession. Also, many couples from all over the world choose Mallorca for their weddings. This year I have had couples coming from France, Germany, the United States and England. It is wonderful to get to know other cultures and traditions, to be able to photograph different people and to be an important part of their big day.

"ALT"tendencias de boda 2022 invitadas"

Of course I have the help of great professionals at my side. The suppliers in Mallorca are first class. The Fincas with all the care they take to make sure they are perfect on the wedding day. The wedding planners who become the great person to rely on throughout the whole process and who go out of their way to make sure that everything is perfect. Also the caterers who delight the couples and their guests by offering the best they have with the wonderful ingredients available on the island.

Your big day

We all really make an incredible team that achieves a wonderful result. Your big day that you have thought about and planned for so long and that you are so excited about. To be able to share it with your closest family and friends is something unique. With our dedication and hard work we make it unique for us too, so that you enjoy it very much.

"ALT"mejor fotografo de bodas mallorca sello"

I always try to do my best with my photographs so that everything is reflected in the photos. All the emotion of each moment, the spontaneity and naturalness. That is what I like to reflect and that when you see the photos that I send you, you will get excited.

My couples have recognised me last year with this award for the best wedding photographer in Mallorca. It makes me very happy to receive it and I thank them for having trusted me. You can be sure that I will try to improve myself even more and that I will continue to enjoy every wedding I have. This year will also be unforgettable and very special moments will be experienced.

Best wedding photographer in Mallorca

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