Book to musicians in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca lithore quartet"

Book to musicians in Mallorca

A few months ago I had the opportunity to take pictures of a very special music group. It is made up of four young musicians and is called Lítore Quartet. It was a book to musicians in Mallorca that made me very happy.

If you know me a little you will know that apart from being a photographer I am also a lyrical singer. I studied singing for 14 years between Valencia and Mallorca. That’s why I love to do everything related to the world of music.


"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca"

These four young people are saxophonists, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. They are three boys, Jaime, Hugo, Miguel and the girl Sira. They are studying at the conservatory in Mallorca and at the same time they have come together to create this group. They all live in the same house so you can imagine the level of complicity they have as they know each other very well.

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca group"

Photography for concerts

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca dunes"

I met them in Playa Mesquida, a place that seemed very suitable for them. They needed a book to musicians in Mallorca to use the photos for the publicity of their concerts. In addition, individual photos of each of them.

They got a grant from the government to be able to pay for this session, which I was very happy about when they told me. We have to support this kind of creativity from all sides and in any way we can. I believe that art is vital in our lives, we could not live without it.


"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca in casual clothes"

I was very conscious of the fact that they are young and had no idea how the session would unfold. I made them come in their best clothes as if they were going to a concert. There they were looking so handsome and elegant with their instruments in their cases like gold.

Each one with their own personality, charming and friendly. We went to the area of the footbridge of Cala Mesquida, behind where the dunes are.


"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca in group"

I immediately got them to do things and loosen up as they were a bit nervous. It’s normal if it’s the first time you do a book to musicians in Mallorca. I like to establish a dialogue with them and let them tell me about their tastes or what they do on a daily basis. Who is the one who cooks the best or who is the one who exercises authority in the group. The truth is that they had everything very well organized and they live very well together.

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca playing their instruments"

Book to musicians in Mallorca

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca just playing"

I made them run along the boardwalk with the instruments, which is not easy. They are saxophones of all sizes and some were more difficult than others. I think they had the most fun when I made them play each one in their own way without a common melody. All the instruments sounded chaotically. A few people passing by got a surprise. It’s not every day that you come across a group like this Lítore Quartet on a beach in Mallorca.

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca duo"

Once we got to the beach they had some problems with the sand going up and down with the instruments but the pictures were really cool. The afternoon light there is brutal and I love it when the weather is nice and we all enjoy the moment.

In this book to musicians in Mallorca I asked them how the concerts they had during Covid were going. I know that a lot of musicians have had and are having a terrible time. Apparently they had had several very controlled and very safe concerts in churches above all. So I was very happy because at this age they need a lot of practice and to gain experience in every possible way.

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca at sunset"

Book to musicians in Mallorca

Once on the shore I had the four of them play a piece from their repertoire and it was a great moment to take pictures of them. Each one was very focused on their instrument and they sounded so good.

The truth is that it is a great joy to meet such young people with so much talent and the desire to take on the world. They just need to be supported and given opportunities to develop their music. I wish the Lítore Quartet the best of luck and I will be keeping a close eye on each concert and how their future develops. Thank you for trusting me for this book to musicians in Mallorca.

"ALT"book to musicians in mallorca on the beach"

Book to musicians in Mallorca

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