Inma del Valle. Art exhibitions. International fairs. Photographer


by Inma del Valle

Inma del Valle art exhibitions. International fairs.

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“I feel a weakness for duality and the unstable. I capture dreams and concerns on top of a grey background.”
Inma del Valle’s photographic work reveals an unconscious dream world of surrealist dye in which the arts that fill her life merge.
The poetic and musical power of her work derives from her passion for lyrical singing and the performing arts. The gardens that often appear as the scenery of her works are a symbol of eroticism, mystery and sensuality.
As they are recreated in the poems of Verlaine’ s’ gallant fêtes’, in the French song of Fauré or Debussy.
On other occasions the gardens make way for more dramatic scenery. You feel the darkness of Baudelaire and you perceive an uncontrolled romanticism and a certain obsession with death.
Her work is interested in the philosophy of Plato’s Reminiscence and recreates déjà vu:’ The immortal soul, having been born many times and having seen all things, there is nothing that has not been learned; therefore, there is no learning but memory’.
Identified with the photograph of Julia Margaret Cameron and the dream world of Lewis Carroll, her work leaves an universe ordered and governed by the laws of cause-effect, to enter an ambiguous, unstable, contradictory and unexpected universe. This universe is the fruit of an indomitable and powerful intimacy that creates the dreams, instincts and intuitions reflected in her work.
If photography captures the instant, I decide that it can be changed through movement.  You can alter fate in that fraction of a second that doesn’t belong to us.

Inma del Valle art exhibitions. International fairs.

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