Interior design and decoration Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Interior design and decoration Mallorca

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We know that one of the most important things in life is finding the right house. That perfect place where you feel so good that you never want to leave. It’s something we have to look for at a certain moment and many times it’s very difficult. Luckily the interior design and decoration Mallorca is incredible in many houses.

The perfect house

Whenever we go to visit friends we like certain things about decoration. We thought that maybe that wooden table in the dining room would be perfect in our future home. Maybe the windows with their checkered shapes are the same as you would do if you could.

Little by little you get an idea in your head of what each room would look like. The kitchen should be spacious and bright. Since you like to cook, you should have plenty of space where you can be comfortable. Wardrobes are important in interior design and decoration Mallorca to put utensils, pots, pans.

The bedroom will have that giant and comfortable bed where you will stay in the mornings until late when you can. It should have windows with curtains or blinds where no light enters. You don’t want the sun to hit you in the face at 7 in the morning. There will be plenty of room in the closets for all your clothes and it will finally be tidy.

Dream house

Of course you will have your own bathroom with a huge bathtub and shower. Then the living room will have those black and white pictures that you like so much and you haven’t had room before to hang them.

You will make dinners for your friends and parties on important days. This will be the perfect house and you will be in it for the rest of your life. That’s why the choice should be very important and made with great care.

There are houses that when you enter you feel bad and you are not attracted to them. They have that negative energy that doesn’t go with you and doesn’t have that dream home potential.

However, there are houses where you enter and from the first minute you begin to feel good. As you walk through the rooms, it envelops you more and more. We really like to see different houses with their own interior design and decoration Mallorca.

The house

The other day we were taking pictures for a book of a piano player. She needed them for a concert that she’s got very soon. It was the first time she had her photos taken as she is very young and was naturally nervous.

We met at her house in Marraxi near Palma. When we found the house we were pleasantly surprised. The outside part was made up of a big wall and a huge closed fence. The inner part could not be seen at all and began to open slowly. As we entered with the car along the long cobbled road it appeared to us.

It was a huge and beautiful house. We loved it right away. We greeted her and began to take pictures. Of course we needed to see the different options the house has. That way the book could be more varied with pictures in different places.

When we finished we spoke with ther parents, the owners who are charming and told us that they want to sell it. Immediately I offered my services. They gladly accepted because they needed a good interior and decoration photographer in Mallorca.

So after a week we met and went back to the house.

It was a wonderful day with a spring weather instead of a winter’s one which is the season we were in.

The interior

We had to photograph each room in a way that we would do them justice and bring out all their splendour. The house, as you can see, has its own mix of French and English style decoration.

It has a large central hall with a chimney that presides over it. The large windows make a lot of light and a very pleasant place. The dining room is next door with two sliding doors that can be isolated from the living room or kept open. It is spacious and the large table gives a lot of play for meals with many guests. Everything was beautiful and in the design and decoration Mallorca was very present in it.

The kitchen is right in the next room. Consists of a main part with all the advances in terms of appliances. It is accompanied by the part of the office where there is a table next to the beautiful windows overlooking the garden. It’s a more practical dining area for everyday life in the house. The whole area was bathed by the sun that presided that morning.


Once the photos in that area were finished, we made the photos of the rooms. The large master bedroom stands out from the rest. It consists of a large area with dressing room and wardrobes on both sides. It also has a bathroom with two sinks and a huge shower. Next to the bedroom is the office or study. With a large bookcase and table it is an ideal area for reading or working.


Once we have finished the interior we move on to the garden. In the front part dominates a huge and charming covered porch. It is beautifully decorated with two sofas and a table in the centre. There is also a table for meals outside to enjoy while in the garden. The right side consists of the beautiful pool and jacuzzi. All surrounded by a super-tended lawn, cypress and rose trees.

Past the pool there is a long pergola surrounded by rose bushes which is a wonder. There are also many fruit trees and plants of all kinds. We loved everything we saw and enjoyed taking pictures of interior design and decoration Mallorca.

From the top of the house you can enjoy beautiful views of the Sierra de Tramontana. The lower part consists of a large garage that can occupy up to three cars.

In short it is a house that meets all the conditions to be the perfect home for many. We were delighted to have met them and taken pictures of the house. Loved the interior and decoration Mallorca. We hope that its future owners will enjoy it very much.

Interior design and decoration Mallorca



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