Photo shoot

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"photo shoot"

Photo shoot

This time I want to tell you a story about this photo shoot I’m presenting to you today.

You never know when something incredible might happen in your life. In a moment without you looking for it, you can meet someone super interesting.

"ALT"photo shoot"
"ALT"photo shoot hat"

Here in Majorca we are very lucky to live with all kinds of people. I love that there is such a variety of cultures and identities. For me that creates a tremendous richness that you can learn a lot from.

If you are a person who is open to all kinds of situations, it is very easy to experience different things. As a photographer in Mallorca I am lucky enough to be able to do this constantly.

"ALT"photo shoot red fabric"
"ALT"photo shoot studio"

Special encounter

That’s what happened to me with Emma when I met her. We were on an ordinary Sunday on one of the wonderful beaches of Mallorca. We both have dogs so it was a special beach to take them.

Right after I put the towel on the sand I noticed her and her beautiful Australian shepherd. They were right next to me and caught my attention. As you can see in this photo shoot she is spectacular and her little dog made me fall in love.

As you know I’m very animalistic, for me Noah my English greyhound is the best in the world. I love her as if she was my little daughter and I love to relate to people who love dogs like me.


"ALT"photo shoot with Noah"
"ALT"photo shoot horizon"
"ALT"photo shoot up"

We immediately greeted each other with a hello and the two dogs started to greet each other too. I realized that even though she looked like a foreigner she spoke Spanish very well.

I was immediately attracted by her naturalness and simplicity. As I said before, if you are a person open to situations and to relationships you can find very pleasant surprises.

"ALT"photo shoot white"

Exciting project

I’ve been thinking about doing a different editorial for a few weeks now. I want to do something that I have planned and later I will tell you what it is about, I think you will like it very much. It’s something I’m looking forward to and I’ve already almost completely organized it.

For that project I was looking for a model and I wanted it to be special. I like that when I do a work with models either for a photo shoot or for art there is a connection. That a special bond is created between us is very important to me.

When I saw Emma on the beach and we started talking her friendliness and naturalness won me over. Apart from that you can see in this photo shoot that she is a beauty.

I immediately felt like sharing with her the project that I have underway. I explained it to her and told her all the details about it. She thought it was great which was incredible, she gave me her number and I gave her my card.

"ALT"photo shoot jump"
"ALT"photo shoot running"
"ALT"photo shoot chair"

We both said goodbye, happy to have met each other and I wished she would call me soon to arrange a meeting. First I wanted to do a photo shoot with her and then later the project I have planned.

Intense search

What happened next I didn’t expect at all. After a few days she didn’t call. I had apparently misspelled her number since my battery had run out just as she was giving it to me. Anyway, I was looking forward to her calling me for the photo shoot but she didn’t. So I started looking for her everywhere.

I knew the city where she lives outside Palma and in which association she had adopted Tico her little dog. In spite of everything it was not easy, I spent a whole day asking acquaintances who live there and calling.

There are several associations and I was trying to convince people on the phone that I am not a crazy person and that I needed to find Emma. I didn’t know her last name either and so it was even more difficult.

I was finally able to leave the message with the right person who had helped her with Tico and I was just waiting. Suddenly one day I got a phone call and it was her. I couldn’t believe it after all the craziness of looking for her.

I screamed with joy when I finally heard her.

It turned out that she had lost my card and had gone on holiday to Formentera so she had been unable to contact me.

"ALT"photo shoot on her back"
"ALT"photo shoot yellow"

Special connection

I was happy to talk to her and we arranged to have a drink in a place where we could talk quietly. She came with her dog Tico and I immediately understood that that day on the beach I had made the right choice for the photo shoot.

Emma is a very friendly woman and you love her as soon as you talk to her. The best thing is that she has studied Fine Arts and is an artist. She has exhibited her paintings in galleries and has that artistic sensibility that I like so much.

When I have to do a photo shoot like I said, I like to connect with the model. I am always interested in everything she has lived and experienced. Her concerns and her inner world.

It’s important for me to know what she likes and everything that makes her the way she is. With Emma there was an immediate connection and I knew that even though she had no experience as a model she would do very well.


"ALT"photo shoot at night"

Photo shoot

We arranged to do the photo shoot on a Monday afternoon in a beautiful countryside outside Palma. She was very excited and looking forward to it. The weather was perfect and the slowly falling sunlight was the best for a photo shoot.

 Little by little we were making the photos that I already had in mind for her. I love her energy and naturalness that is reflected in the photos you see. It was very easy to do everything and she did the things I asked her to do, trusting me completely.

The final result of this photo shoot can be seen here. I am very happy to have found her and we will do very interesting things in the near future. I thank Emma for being how she is and for all the facilities she’s given me for this photo shoot. I’m sure she will succeed in her life and live many joys, I’m very lucky to have met her.

Photo shoot

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