Photographer gay weddings Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
Gay wedding in Mallorca
Photographer gay weddings Mallorca

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Inma del Valle, selected by five international committees of wedding photographers and the only Spanish photographer awarded at the Wedisson Awards 2018 international.
Photographer gay weddings Mallorca
“Love doesn’t understand sex, age or religion.”
There can be no greater truth. If you’re getting married, don’t hesitate to do what you’ve always dreamed of. Anything that makes you happy will be well done. Therefore, the combination male-female, male-male, female-female does not matter. Bottom line: The only thing that counts is true love and passion.
Spain is considered a pioneering country in LGBT celebrations. Twelve years ago, specifically July 2005 marriage was legally approved in this group. Since the regularization of same-sex weddings, LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual) marriages have increased considerably. Specifically, 16.5% in recent years.
The sex of the person you have chosen doesn’t matter. It is important that you know that he or she is the right person to share the rest of your life. For or against gay marriage? You just have to be in favor of people being happy and finding love. It will always be legitimate, respectable and natural if there is love. As a wedding photographer, I don’t see the difference between heterosexual and LGTB weddings. In both I look for stories, capturing moments and feelings that I find in every detail.
In every corner there can be a nice gay or heterosexual love story. As a wedding photographer I am honored when I can share those moments with people who love each other so much. With my photographs I want to show that you can love people of the same sex equally. The reality that my photos convey makes us dream of a better world. A kiss, a caress, a glance will help me to transmit sincere, natural and passionate feelings.
Since same-sex marriage is relatively new, there is no protocol as such. This makes the celebration the ideal setting for thousands of natural photos that occur spontaneously. I am passionate about my work and what I can transmit with it.Therefore, I am happy to be able to do my bit in this kind of countercurrent love.
I am convinced that love is what moves us all. In short: No one has to tell us who to love or how to do it. Love is love.
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Our services include every moment of the day.
We also offer other possibilities to suit all kinds of couples. Although each client is unique, we adjust to everyone. From cheaper budgets to more comprehensive coverage you can include:
Pre-wedding :
What better way to get to know you and discover your tastes and express yourself in a more natural way!
A real opportunity to enjoy, probably more relaxed than ever. Ideal situation to show how much you love each other without worrying about anything other than laughing and having fun.
Whether it is the absence of guests or nerves, everything will focus exclusively on you and your happiness.
Another day to enjoy more with less stress, but this time with the advantage that you can choose the perfect location to do them.
Therefore, why not choose that place where it was impossible to celebrate the wedding, but where you have beautiful memories? You will also enjoy the freedom to dive into the sea or climb a mountain. Any environment will be perfect.
Although couples first need to preserve photos that capture their joy, sometimes they also need a video reminder.
It will always be special to hear how your friends send you messages of optimism and good wishes. Fortunately, these images will serve to see people dancing and having fun spontaneously.
Photos of the groom’s preparations either at home or in a hotel. In addition to photos with his family that capture the nerves and excitement prior to the wedding.
Photos of the bride’s preparations, her costume/dress, and photos with her family.
Photos after the ceremony with family and guests. Also, photos of the bride and groom in a privileged place on the island of Mallorca
In addition, we also offer the possibility of taking photos during the photocall in case there was one.
You may require our services on the peninsula or islands. We will be eager to give you our best service in any of these destinations.
We can transfer our professionalism to any place by hiring our services in advance.
Above all, keep in mind that the most important thing for us is to go unnoticed. At no time do we want to diminish the role of the real protagonists of the day or disturb them.
Mallorca is a dream of location for any photographer in the world. Thanks to the weather we will always create beautiful games of light and shadow.
The enclaves where the ceremony is held and the invitation, as a consequence, will provide us with endless opportunities. We will be able to get unique and incomparable photos with which the bride and groom will be able to remember this magical day.
In conclusion, trust on the good know-how and professionalism of the best wedding photographer in Mallorca to enjoy it.
Several national and international exhibitions support us as the best wedding photographer in Mallorca. But above all, our experience and the recommendation of bodas. net on several occasions.
We demand the highest professionalism from ourselves. We constantly seek to earn the respect of the people who hire us. Getting word of mouth to make us bigger and bigger is definitely our goal.
Our way of working implies a great complicity with the bride and groom. In short,to get to know them a little bit in order to immortalize each moment in the most natural way.
It is known that each couple is unique and is looking for something different.
We do not perform weddings in series. We empathize with customers to know their tastes and what they are looking for. Finally, that will be what will later be embodied in your memory for life.

Photographer gay weddings Mallorca

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