Yacht in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT""yacht in Mallorca happy"

Yacht in Mallorca

This island is truly a paradise, every day I fall more in love with Mallorca. It is one thing to get to know it from the inside through its roads and forests, another from the sea.The other day I had a session on a yacht in Mallorca that was incredible.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca summer"

Some time ago I met a lovely couple who live in Belgium. They wanted me to take their wedding photos, which they were going to celebrate here in Mallorca. Unfortunately the date they had was already filled up and I could not be their photographer in Mallorca. It made me very upset because there are times when some couples really appreciate what I do and want to have me very much as their photographer.

Vacations in Mallorca

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca happiness"

Because of everything that has happened in the last few months I was curious about how they were doing and I called them. They were very happy and told me that they were coming to Mallorca for a few days. Hadn’t been able to celebrate the wedding, which had been postponed until next year, but they were coming on vacation to their yacht in Mallorca.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca colors"

They told me that they would be very excited about one thing. Since I had not been able to be the photographer in Mallorca for their wedding, they wanted me to do a family session on their yacht in Mallorca. I was very happy and thought it was a very good idea. I really wanted to meet them personally so we agreed on a date that would suit all of us.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca look"

Port of Sóller

They had the yacht in Mallorca docked in the port of Sóller and we prepared to go there. Recently I had been out taking pictures in some luxury houses on the hill. From up there you can see the whole port of Sóller and the sunset is brutal. I discovered a terrace up there which is great for a drink and to see that great sunset. Today I had to watch it from the sea and I could not imagine how incredible it would be.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca brothers"
"ALT""yacht in Mallorca paradise"

Yacht in Mallorca

Once we found where their yacht in Mallorca was anchored we were left with our mouths open. It was spectacular, beautiful and super big. The best part was the welcome we got from the family. They were lovely and also a very nice family, you could tell how much they loved each other.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca together"

They have three children, two girls and one boy who are very charming, seemed to come out of a catalog, plus they were super polite and all smiles.

Immediately Fran the husband, who was the captain of the ship, organized everything to go out to sea. They asked me where I wanted to go and I thought of Sa foradada. It seemed like an idyllic place to take pictures there and also to see the famous sunset from the sea. I had seen it many times from the chiringuito upstairs as is typical and now I was going to see it better than ever.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca portrait"
"ALT""yacht in Mallorca"

Sa foradada with yacht

Fran was going full steam ahead accompanied by his son whom he is teaching how to sail the yacht in Mallorca. His wife told us how much they and the children like Mallorca. As we went along I started taking pictures of them. The only bad thing was that the yacht in Mallorca was moving a lot.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca Sa foradada"

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a sailor myself. So between the movement of the yacht in Mallorca breaking waves as it goes and the heat it was not good for me. Without wanting to, I got a little dizzy but it was normal and I was wearing my mandatory mask these days as a precaution. But I got over it in a little while, I got used to the situation and we arrived at the site.

Mallorca, a natural paradise

It was spectacular, looking to one side and seeing Sa foradada with its natural beauty and that hole dug in the middle. The cove where time seems to have stopped and there is no rush. To look towards the horizon, to see only the sea and the sun going down little by little. I loved being there and this unique opportunity to be on a yacht in Mallorca.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca jokes"

We all got together to take pictures and started doing fun things. The kids were so cute and we didn’t have to tell them anything to play with each other. The couple would sometimes intervene for family photos and they were delighted. We were all having a great time.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca sea"

I looked for the sun every time , because the light is so important and I didn’t want to miss anything.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca hug"

The colors changed every minute and the orange tones imposed themselves as time went by. I also took the opportunity to take some romantic pictures of them, since everything was magical. It was being a great sesión in the yacht in Mallorca.


"ALT""beautiful yacht in Mallorca"

Little by little the sun went down and I can say that it has been one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever experienced. I loved being able to capture that moment with a family that loves each other so much, so kind and charming.

Once the session was over, I enjoyed the trip back on the bow. Of course Mallorca is beautiful but from the sea it is something else. Because of my dizziness I had not had occasion before but I loved the trip back among the waves and so much beauty. The entrance to the port of Sóller with all the boats at anchor and their lights that looked like stars was incredible.

"ALT""yacht in Mallorca the island"

I thank them for this experience on a yacht in Mallorca. Really loved meeting them and spending this time together, I am sure they will remember it as happily as I do and hope we will see each other again very soon.



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Yate en Mallorca

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