Architecture and interiorism in Mallorca

Eight years ago I started working in this sector, I had always had a passion for architecture and interiorism in Mallorca.

Since I was a little girl I spent hours looking at interior decoration magazines.

Over the years I decided to take the Master’s degree in architecture and interiorism lighting with Jesús Alonso. It was one of the best decisions I have made in photography.

Thanks to this master I have been able to work for luxury real estate companies such as Engels and Völkers, and companies such as Burger king among others.

If they had told me before, I would never have imagined the satisfaction of seeing the result of the pictures of architecture and interiorism in Mallorca.

Usually, good photos of the place make people choose a place as their destination.

Luckily or unfortunately, the island offers thousands of options. As an architecture and interiorism photographer in Mallorca I enjoy the privilege of having my photos highly valued by those who hire me.

After the apartments came the hotels, restaurants, luxury houses and also decoration shops. Getting the best out of all these places has been a very pleasant challenge.

Sometimes because of bad pictures it doesn’t get all the recognition it deserves. There are real works of art. It makes me very happy to use my photographs as a tool for these places to have a real place where they deserve.

Photographing all that gives me great satisfaction. Here in Mallorca we are fortunate that great architects have created some incredible houses and I hope to continue reflecting their works with my camera.

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