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"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021"


"ALT"fotógrafo de boda en Amalfi flores ceremonia"

Michael and Yuliya

The best of the best

Like a lot of couples over the past few years, we had to deal with our wedding being postponed time and time again – which meant that some of our original suppliers for our wedding in Italy could no longer make our new dates, including our previously chosen photographer. And we couldn’t be happier about that, as we were so lucky to have Inma and Blanca with us to capture our wedding day.

Right from the very first Zoom call we had, their energy and vibe was amazing, and we knew we’d made the right choice. They came to meet us early a few days before our wedding to look over the venue and to discuss everything with us and to put us at ease – I hate having my photo taken, but they made me comfortable and have fun with the process. The photos they captured on the day were effortless, natural and unforced, exactly what we were looking for – as well as being amazing photographers, they’re also amazing people that we loved having at our wedding.

I’ve always noticed photographers at other people’s weddings, but Inma and Blanca were never obtrusive, never in our faces, but somehow managed to get intimate and beautiful photographs. They were a natural fit for our wedding, all of our guests commented on them and how great they were. The photos themselves were edited and sent over lighting-fast, and we’ve had so much fun looking back through the memories of our wedding. Inma and Blanca, thank you so much for everything, we can’t recommend you enough.

"ALT"boda de destino en Mallorca casados"

Anna and Marcus

Absolutely amazing!

Inma and her team are amazing! I got married on the 5th of June 2022 and was blown away with how professional and incredibly talented Inma and her partner were. The moments I didn’t get to see on the wedding day / night I got to live through again when I received the photos. The pictures are out of this world, fabulous, I just love them so much. Could not recommend Inma enough! Thanks for everything, guys.

"ALT"boda en finca Son Togores"

Kate and Ollie

So happy, an amazing experience from the beginning

From the very first phone call with Inma, we loved her energy and approach. She helped us with many aspects of our wedding beyond photography, with recommendations for everything from florists, to a face painter and restaurants around Mallorca. But to the experience on the day and the photographs. WOW!

We could not have imagined how stunning the photos would be. All of our guests have been amazed – we look like film stars! But more importantly, we just love them. Intimate, fun, quiet, beautiful, high-energy, thoughtful, original, joyful – she captured every element of us and our day. And took no more than 15 minutes out of our day to achieve this. Amazing!

If you are looking for lots and lots of still, set photos with every guest that comes to your wedding, maybe someone with less creativity and imagination would work. But if you want to capture the emotions of your day, and do so without missing large parts of your wedding to get the photos, you will not find a better photographer. These are the best photos of our lives and there are so many to choose from – many more than the number we paid for in fact.

Finally, Inma and Blanca are really lovely people! This might not seem important now but I was so nervous when I arrived to the finca. Then Inma gave me a big hug and I felt so much better before I walked down the aisle. We both felt completely relaxed having the photos taken, even though we didn’t have a practice session or anything. It was all just very natural and fun. I 100% recommend Inma. I hope for you that she has space in her diary!

"alt" mejores bodas en mallorca"

Emma and Marcus

True artist

Thank you so much Inma and Blanca!!! If you are looking for the best quality and style, Inma is for you! We loved seeing all the photos of the day and all that we missed out on! I love the beautiful and interesting photos that Inma captured through the light of the intimate moments. Inma captured our day beautifully, and we are so grateful to be able to relive our day over and over again for many years to come. The hardest decision is which ones to choose to print! Thank you again for all your hard work and artistry that went into your photography. Much love Emma and Marcus.

( Inma del Valle wedding photographer in Mallorca )

"ALT"boda íntima Mallorca amor"

Alex and Alba

Pictures to frame

We had a very small intimate wedding of only 28 people. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a good photographer because getting together all the people we love, as it happened that day, was going to be difficult to repeat. We chose Inma for her photographs, because they managed to transmit what we were looking for, and we were not wrong. The photos are amazing and it is impossible to choose a favorite, she captured unique moments of us and our family. They are photos that we continue to see and continue to move us. Great professional and person, his treatment was great with all of us. Lucky to have been able to count on Inma and Blanca that day.

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 amor"

Maria and Nico

The best photographer in the world

In my opinion Inma should be the hottest photographer of the moment, the pictures she takes are Vogue! My guests and I have been impressed with Inma’s eye for detail and power to take the energy of the moment. Before the wedding, Inma went a couple of times to my wedding venue to see the light and pick the best places to take the photos, plus she and her team have beautiful personalities. I am the happiest, these pictures are awesome.

( Inma del Valle wedding photographer in Mallorca )

"ALT"tendencias de boda 2022 ceremonia"

Katie and Dorian

Stop! You’ve found your photographer!

Simply wow! It has been hard to find the words to explain what an amazing photographer Inma is. From the moment we spoke, I knew she would capture my day exactly how I wanted it, even better! I wanted natural photos, capturing the happiness of the day and no posed photos.

What I wanted most of all was to make sure I was with my guests for as long as possible. Lastly, and possibly the hardest to achieve (I thought), was to find someone who would make my husband feel comfortable taking pictures (what?) Inma and Blanca did all of this and more! When they walked into the hotel where I was getting ready the morning of my wedding, we started with the jokes and their energy really complimented mine. Inma captured some amazing photos, but I feel like I didn’t even realize I was away from my guests much of the time.

They brought props like white smoke cannons and created the most stunning photo I’ve ever seen at a wedding ever. I could go on for hours, but if you are thinking about which photographer to hire for your wedding in Mallorca, stop looking, you’ve found her!

( Inma del Valle wedding photographer in Mallorca )

"ALT"las bodas en Mallorca 2021 ilusión"

Clara and Sebastian

She immortalizes our happiness

I would highlight Inma’s quality, her ability to detect and immortalize special moments and her personal treatment. It was a luxury to be able to count on her. She adapted 100% to our tastes and style, and during the process we had a great time. I would like to highlight how she was able to capture our personality and reflect it in this collection of beautiful photos. The light, the locations, even the scenes are very well prepared, he takes care of all the details. In our case, despite being a rainy day, she let her imagination fly to get the best out of the situation, leaving us unforgettable moments!

( Inma del Valle wedding photographer in Mallorca )

Eli and Patri

Photos that speak

Thank you, Inma and Blanca, for capturing the best day of our lives. Just looking at the photos takes us back to that beautiful and special day for us, to everything we felt and lived together with all the people around us. They are not the typical photos, but captures of specific moments that only they see through that lens and that say it all.

( Inma del Valle wedding photographer in Mallorca )


Recommendations photographer in Mallorca "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca indian wedding
“A dream to work with Inma and Blanca!” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca We asked Inma and Blanca to photograph our wedding of 240 people (Indian and English ceremonies) and we were on the moon with the photos we received at the end! Inma and her team were professional and quick in their responses from the first moment we got in touch and this continued until we received the final results: The photos were delivered much faster than we expected! They made a great effort to understand and study the complexities of a Hindu wedding before the event and captured every detail of the complex ceremonies in their wonderful shots. The emotions they captured with the camera are different from anything we’ve seen before and the natural/action shots, can’t recommend them enough. Not only was her talent clear from the beginning, her friendly and positive attitude helped me to keep me (the bride) calm and smiling. They were a great success with all the guests and not only left us with photos that we will appreciate forever, but also with two new friends. "ALT"recommendations photographer mallorca lights
Incredible photos and excellent treatment! Inma and her partner Blanca are super sympathetic. Even before the wedding they helped us with some things. All the guests liked the way they were treated and their presence was not noticeable. The first photos we’ve seen so far: unbelievable! The best decision to do the pictures with Inma! 100% recommended! "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Tomeu and Barbara
“Amazing artist!” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca One of the parts that should be given more attention, no doubt, is the photography service. We were very lucky to have the best possible professional(s). Both Inma and Blanca accompanied us during a pre-wedding and also during the long day of celebration. Very original in the choice of motifs and decorations, and with an integrating and harmonious soul. The photos are excellent. Not just a wedding is photographed, but moments and emotions. Very close and gentle treatment. We feel great familiarity and tenderness on their part. With Inma and Blanca we were 100% right. We received dozens of congratulations regarding the photographer(s) and contact requests to hire their services, which speaks for itself of the quality and excellence of these professionals. We have gained, apart from a professional contact that we will use for photo shoots, a friendship that reaches to the bottom of our hearts, for the sincerity and tenderness that we appreciate. Fantastic all: rating of 10, both separately and together. We will be eternally grateful to you for making our special day unforgettable. Thank you! "ALT"recommendations wedding photographer Mallorca Comassema
The perfect memory Great professionals! That’s what defines Inma and Blanca. From the beginning we knew that we wanted them to take our photos and we weren’t wrong. Because thanks to them, we have obtained the best memory of the most important day of our lives. Each time we see the photos, they manage to transport us to each one of the moments lived with the maximum detail. They form the perfect tandem and that means that not only do you have photos of yourself but also of all the guests without exception, photos of each moment and emotion. Art and love turned into photos. Thank you for being involved and helping us so much and above all for becoming two great friends! You are fantastic! "ALT"recommendations wedding photographer Mallorca Son Vida JADWIGA AND TONI Professionalism and perfection Inma is a profesional photographer that has an eye for extraordinary pictures. Our expectations were high and she manage to go beyond them. She caught each moment of our wedding perfectly. We had so much fun during our photo session and the results are just breathtaking. Inma and her partner Blanca are a perfect team. You will not regret it a second if you book Inma del Valle team for the day of your life. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Joanna and Llorenc
“When gratitude is so absolute, words abound.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca I could start by simply thanking the fantastic work done by Inma and her partner Blanca, but that would not be my style and I think that would not be enough, so I dedicate the following words chosen one by one carefully: Today, looking back almost a week, we are amazed and excited to remember the happiness and naturalness that you managed to capture in images through your cameras. You knew second by second how to win our trust without hardly knowing us, minute by minute we created a bond and hour after hour we established the perfect symbiosis to make a special day something wonderful where we could be ourselves. We keep the best of you, your professionalism, competence and know-how, your facility to capture the details and spontaneous moments that happen in thousandths of seconds and that are not repeated, and above all we keep your sympathy, freshness, simplicity and confidence that you gave us the day of our wedding. Nor do we forget to thank you for the complicity and the fantastic connection you maintained with each and every one of the guests to the point of being like family. So I can only say that when gratitude is so absolute, words abound. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Lavinia and Fausto
“Indispensable at your wedding.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca Inma and Blanca are of these people who are not indifferent in anyone’s life, since I found their jobs on the Internet I knew that was what I wanted for our wedding, I fell in love with their style and how they capture special moments without you noticing or posing. The photos are spectacular, they capture every detail of what came up that day, they made us feel very comfortable, they knew that our thing was not to pose and we couldn’t be happier than the natural and beautiful that we came out thanks to their professionalism and kindness. Everyone talked about them after the wedding, and as I say they have an overwhelming personality and that is reflected in their photos. Thank you, and thank you so much for this beautiful and special reportage, you are amazing! "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Aina and Victor
“To capture the emotion.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca Inma gave everything at our wedding, always attentive to everything that happened, creative ideas and very good vibes. The result was spectacular! Thank you Inma for capturing all the love and happiness of our day. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Maria Jose and Joanmi
“Pure Love by Inma Del Valle” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca They say that “the perfect photo is the one that captures unforgettable moments, those that are only lived once” and that is what Inma does. The result of Inma and Blanca’s work is 10, and they are people out of 100. From the first contact they perfectly capture the essence, tastes and preferences of the bride and groom and the wedding; they make you enjoy every moment, without realizing that they are capturing every moment of one of the most important and special days of your life. Every look, gesture and detail are captured with incredible affection. The photos transmit emotions to perfection, with a delicacy that only she is able to capture, and make you relive that day again and again. In addition to enjoying your B day with them, the treatment with the guests was fantastic. After the wedding we did the post-wedding session, it was great, without nerves, pressures or haste, and with original photos. We had a great time. Without a doubt we would repeat our great day with them. "ALT"Recommendations photographer in mallorca Olga and Keko
“It’s not pictures, it’s emotions.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca Sometimes you see someone’s work and without knowing that person you fall in love with what they do and that’s precisely what happened to me with Inma. I fell in love with her work and I just fell in love with her when I met Inma and Blanca, a perfect match. Inma is not a photographer, she is an artist and as such she makes emotion, feelings be captured in a photograph… She is pure control, she controls everything, she sees everything… she captures everything. I want to give infinite thanks to both of you for your patience in the first moments, my nerves… Thank you for helping me in that too. You are the best I could have chosen to shape this day and I would not hesitate to choose you again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me to have those feelings and emotions in image because that is your work pure emotion pure feeling. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Ana y Joanmi
“Incredible!” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca We couldn’t ask for more on our wedding day in Son Berga on 27/07/2019. The attention to detail dedicated by Inma and Blanca is priceless, and the photos are unbelievable! Without a doubt, we will count on them again in the future! "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Gloria and David
“Don’t marry without Inma at your wedding!” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca  Bermoonlovesociety was created on 25.08.18, with Inma’s magic making us look straight ahead and with illusion, we asked her not to think about typical photos, but about those that we looked at hundreds of times and that we still saw something special in them. Do not put limits on anything, think outside the conventional and enjoy taking photos, look through us that secret part of the illusion, and sensations, laughter, emotions, but always from that other point of view and beyond. And they did it, they made us laugh, they conquered the groom, who is one of those who didn’t want photos, but Inma and Blanca, made us all have fun. Professionalism without limits, controlling the rhythm of everything and everyone, and making the dream come true and beyond. That’s why don’t get married if you don’t have Inma as your wedding photographer. Without hesitation, don’t think about it for a second or look for anyone else. Inma contributes something more than others don’t, and I have no doubt about that. Thank you Inma and Blanca, for being with us that day and accept the challenge and jump into our dreams. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Cristina y Victor
“I doubt there’s anyone better.” They say perfection doesn’t exist, but Inma seeks it! She and Blanca make the perfect team. She made us the pre-wedding, the wedding and soon the post. We felt super good, she reassured us and out of nowhere we got photos. For us there is no professional of this sector that surpasses it. When we met them we knew it was clear… their way of capturing moments was just what I was looking for. In short, 200% I recommend her! "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Ines and Alberto
“Very good choice.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca Thinking about the work of Inma and Blanca on the day of the wedding, we agree that that day they were more than photographers: they were entertainers, they were completely integrated into the party, they naturally portrayed even the most reluctant people to take pictures, they were attentive to our needs, they danced… In short, with their charm they conquered boyfriends, relatives and all the guests. As for the photos, we couldn’t be happier. We have a precious memory of that day in the form of images that portray the most special moments and the feelings that accompany them. From the beginning we knew that we didn’t want an album of posados, but a more photojournalistic style, and that’s just what we have. We are very grateful to Inma and Blanca and we wish them the best of luck because they are excellent both personally and professionally. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Nuria and Joan Toni
Both Inma and Blanca made us feel super good! 300% recommended. "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Mariona and Andreu
“Festival assured.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca The truth is that we didn’t know who to choose to immortalize that special day for us. When we met Inma and Blanca we immediately knew that we had succeeded. They were able to relax the groom during the previous photos and nerves, coordinate the entrances to the church so that each moment was perfectly reflected and brighten up the celebration like no other had managed, with improvised dance, speech and immersion included. In short, highly recommended for their personal quality and work. Thank you very much girls! "ALT"recommendations photographer in mallorca Cati and Marcos
“Fo – ta – zas” When you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, the important thing is to look at their photos to know what is really reflected and to know if it is what you want. That’s what we did… and from minute 1 we knew we loved and wanted them! Both Inma and Blanca have done an incredible report of our wedding. We can’t stop looking at the photos. They capture the best moments, the deepest emotions. Each image brings you back to the moment and it’s wonderful – we would repeat one and a thousand times more! "ALT"Recommendations photographer in mallorca Marga and Toni
“A great success.” Recommendations photographer in Mallorca Celebrating our wedding has been one of the best decisions of our life, but we never imagined all the work that it’s preparation would take us. It was a long-distance race, in which in a little more than a year we looked for a place to celebrate, we designed invitations, we looked for dj’s, we “learned” to dance, we chose dress and costume (which was not easy), we looked for a photographer… and we got married! If we got married again (wishfully!), we wouldn’t change anything. Not only did we get the details right, but also the most important thing: the place, the dj’s and, of course, the photographers. The most vivid memory we will keep of that day will be the fantastic photos of Inma del Valle and Blanca. At all times they were very attentive, marking of personality and own style each capture, capturing the sensations of spontaneous and dynamic form, they demonstrated that they enjoy with their work and know how to transmit it. There is no doubt that we made the right choice. But best of all, the photos are spectacular.

Recommendations photographer in Mallorca


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