Wedding photographer Mallorca

This is a blog for a wedding phtoographer in Mallorca that specializes in everything you want to know about weddings in Mallorca. Choose the best wedding photographer in Mallorca, the best hairdresser, stylist, wedding dresses, wedding planners, estates…

Wedding blog in Mallorca

Everything you need to make your day unique, Inma del Valle explains it in this blog.

There is a section for example about where you can buy wedding rings. This is one of the things that brides may like the most. They can also share that moment with the groom. You will go together to the jewelry store and between the two you will choose that ring that identifies you. There are a variety of places to go. We advise you as a wedding photographer Mallorca  in this blog on the best in Mallorca.


There is another section about bridal dresses and shoes. Sometimes one can go crazy among so much variety. The important thing is to find that dress you find yourself in. The best thing is to go to several shops and try many. I’m sure you have a style you’ve already thought about.

You can go to these professionals and they within that style will teach you everything they have. The most fun I advice you in this blog is to go with friends and have fun doing it. It can be a fun experience. We advise you as a wedding photographer Mallorca.

Another section we have in the blog is about hairdressers where we also advise good professionals.

One of the most important aspects is the wedding planner. If you can not take care of the organization of your wedding yourself. There are great professionals who are dedicated to it and will help you in everything. So read our advice in the blog and enjoy it because it will be a very special day.

Wedding photographer Mallorca

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