photographer Mallorca

Services we offer as a photographer Mallorca.

They’re always included:

Meeting in person or by Skype
Photographic coverage according to the selected collection: (Preparation of the bride and groom’s house, ceremony, photos of the couple, cocktail, banquet, first dance and up to one hour after the dance).
All photos edited (between 500 and 1000 depending on the time of the event and number of guests).
Retouching of all images in high resolution files by a  photographer Mallorca.
Private virtual photo gallery

Depending on the selected collection:

Personalized albums (delivery from 3 to 5 months)
Copies for parents

-Wedding day:

Photographic coverage according to the selected collection as a  photographer Mallorca. (Preparation of the bride and groom’s house, ceremony, photos of the couple, cocktail, banquet, first dance and up to one hour after the dance).


As a photographer Mallorca, what better way to get to know each other, discover your tastes and capture them in a more natural way.

Without a doubt, a real opportunity to enjoy, probably more relaxed than ever.

An ideal situation to show you how much you love each other without worrying about anything but laughing and having a good time.

Whether it’s the absence of guests or nerves, everything will focus exclusively on you and your happiness.

As a photographer Mallorca, I recommend it to you for a first contact.

Duration of the pre-wedding from 2 to 3 hours.


Another day in which to enjoy more with less stress. On this occasion with the advantage that you will be able to choose the perfect location to make it.

So, why not choose that place where it was impossible to celebrate the wedding, but that brought you nice memories? You will also have the freedom to dive into the sea or climb a mountain. Any environment will be perfect. Trust as a photographer Mallorca.

Duration of the post-wedding from 2 to 3 hours.


Maybe you’d like to escape and do a private ceremony, they’re very fashionable. It is an opportunity to live together a beautiful experience.

The images of that day will be what you can share with loved ones who have not been able to live with you.


You may require our services as a photographer Mallorca on the Peninsula, the Islands, Europe or other parts of the world. We look forward to giving you our best service in any of these destinations.

We can transfer our professionalism to any other party hiring our services beforehand.

Above all, bear in mind that the most important thing for us is to go unnoticed. We do not want at any time to detract from the real protagonists of the day or bother.

Mallorca is a dream of location for any photographer in the world. Thanks to the climate we will always be able to create beautiful plays of light and shadow.

The enclaves where the ceremony is celebrated and the invitation, as a consequence, will provide us infinite opportunities. As a photographer Mallorca, therefore, I will get unique and incomparable photos with which the bride and groom can remember this magical day.

In conclusion, trust in good know-how.

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