Weddings Mallorca 2017

All the weddings in Mallorca 2017 that we had were very special. We enjoyed very much with all the couples as each one was unique. To gather so many friends and family on that day is something difficult to repeat.

You may want to make it an intimate wedding where there are only your closest friends. Perhaps the most direct family members. There are times when families are very large and you have to invite many so that no one is excluded. It’s a peculiar part of making the guest list. What we always suggest to wedding couples Mallorca 2017 is that it is your day.

Each couple should invite their closest friends. Is a day of celebration and party where you have to have a great time because it happens very fast. Most of the couples in weddings Mallorca 2017 we have talked to afterwards is the first thing they tell us. Time passes that day in a way that you can’t understand. Suddenly you are preparing yourself and with no time to spare you are already at the banquet. That’s why it must be important who to share it with and that you are really close.

We’ve had such a good time this year. There were weddings organized that were true parties.

Every guest enjoyed very much and was an important part of the event. The brides were beautiful and there were many moments. So many emotions came to light that there were a lot of incredible photographs.

The children also participated a lot. They are a very important part as they do everything naturally. Many times it is their first wedding and they transmit that joy and happiness in their faces. Weddings Mallorca 2017 was a good year to always remember.

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