Elopement in Mallorca

Elopement in Mallorca means escape in English. Now it is fashionable among couples to do so. It means that many couples would rather make an escape than have the typical wedding.

It is becoming more and more common for the bride and groom to decide to go to a place perhaps abroad to get married in secret. They can do it alone or with friends.

They choose a certain place for the elopement and travel there with the bride and groom costume ready. Perhaps they do it in a more bohemian way and dress casually for the occasion. They usually require the services of a local photographer to capture the moment.

I am lucky that many couples choose Mallorca to make the elopement. They contact me and tell me their story. They want to have photos that reflect that romantic moment in which they are going to join. Everything is usually very intimate, between them and a witness with some friends. They might have a romantic dinner afterwards or just go out to celebrate.

I’ve had couples from all over the world do elopement. From some Brazilians who came on a cruise. An American couple who had lived in Mallorca and wanted to have an elopement in Mallorca. They were in love with the island and it was very special for them. Even Spanish couples living in other cities. Mallorca for an elopement is an ideal place. It has thousands of wonderful landscapes and places to lose yourself in. Have that romantic and special celebration with your partner without the need for more people.

I love to reflect all that love and complicity in these elopement in Mallorca and make couples happy.

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