Destination wedding photographer in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Destination wedding photographer in Mallorca

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I love my job, I have to start saying that and every day more. There are times when I feel privileged for what I do. As a Destination wedding photographer in Mallorca I am very lucky.

A few days ago from Brazil a lovely young woman named Bianca called me. She was going to come to Mallorca with her boyfriend Pedro on a cruise. They were touring the most beautiful places in Europe.

They wanted me as a destination wedding photographer in mallorca do,one of the two days. I was going to take pictures of them reflecting the love they have as a couple.

Bianca and Pedro thought that Mallorca would be an ideal place for a destination wedding.

They discovered me through my website and set me up. Inmediatly they identified with my style and wanted me for that special session.

I loved the idea and we arranged to meet and do the session at 19.00 pm. First Bianca passed through the hands of Mamen whom I recommended. Knowing that she is one of the best make-up artists and hairdressers I have ever worked with.

A Destination wedding photographer in Mallorca knows the best professionals.

Destination wedding shooting

photographer destination

They were staying at the Summum Hotel, a beautiful place in the centre of Palma. I arrived early and took the opportunity to visit the hotel. Then I saw a beautiful salón where I could start the photo session.

It was going to be a beautiful wedding destination shooting.

Then once I meet them and have a good feeling it was great with the sympathy and beauty they radiated.

Bianca was wearing a long summer dress and brown sandals that went perfectly with her modern, brown hair.Pedro was wearing light beige pants and a white cotton shirt that contrasted with his blond beard and brown skin. They dressed perfect for a destination wedding photographer like me.

We went to the second floor of the hotel .I took some pictures of them surrounded by nice old furniture and a beautiful light. I know then that everything was going to be a lot of fun.They followed all my ideas. We finished up quickly at the hotel and went out into the streets of Palma.

We toured the center chatting, making jokes and taking several pictures. Reflecting the magic of these streets that offer such beautiful images for a destination wedding photographer in Mallorca.

Bianca and Pedro told me how they met and that Pedro had just asked her to marry him a day ago. I was surprised and he told me he wanted to do it while we were taking the pictures.

But he said it was a very spontaneous moment .Besides they cried which would not have been good. After all Mamen’s good work on the natural makeup she did to Bianca. That was a joke that reflected how happy and relaxed they felt.

We had the opportunity to take some pictures at the Restaurant Can Cera thanks to the kindness they showed by letting us take them. We also approached the cathedral and its impressive surroundings for destination weddings photographers in Mallorca.

Once I had the pictures I had in mind downtown we headed for a nearby beach… I wanted to take advantage of the sunset and the magical light it would offer us.

I could see in the looks and gestures between them how much in love they are. As I always say that I love to be able to reflect through my camera those feelings.

The sun was slowly setting in Portixol. We were comfortable on the beach between the rocks and the sea. They got carried away by what I asked them to do and I had a lot of fun.

The session ended with the sun all orange hiding in the mountains.Our feet wet by the waves.They danced and we laughing a lot.We were having so much fun in this destination wedding. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them.

Once the sun had gone, I ended the session happy as destination wedding photographer in Mallorca . We all gave each other a happy and satisfied hug.I left them at their hotel after having recommended dinner at El Canela .One of the best restaurants in Palma. They wanted to end the day in the best possible way. Having dinner in a very nice and romantic place.

The next day they were going on their cruise to other cities but they will have a great memory of this afternoon with some magical and beautiful photos…

It was a pleasure to meet Bianca and Pedro… I wish them a happy journey and hope they do well in their new life…



Destination wedding photographer in Mallorca
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