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Photographer books Mallorca

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Who hasn’t ever had a dream? Since childhood, they probably told you how beautiful or handsome you were. You grew up and now besides a good height, you have an enviable physique. Usually, your friends encourage you: Why don’t you apply to a model Agency ?

As a photographer books in Mallorca I have witnessed how some of these dreams came true.

Luckily, you are fortunate enough to meet the established beauty standards. Therefore, all you need is a good presentation card. In this case, it will be your book.

As a photographer books in Mallorca I can take you to dream places. Places that will be the perfect setting to make the most of your beauty. With a book full of good photos you will see, therefore, your possibilities multiplied.

There are incredible places in Mallorca that can be use to capture the best of each person. As a good photographer books Mallorca I use these places to make beautiful books.
Both in studio and outdoors I will take those photos that enhance your personality. I like to reflect in each photograph the character of the people I work with.


Model agencies also seek originality and naturalness. Today there are more and more companies that need models of all types to market their products.
That’s why they don’t just look for a pretty face. They look for that expression, that original and different look.

There are many types of agencies and I work with the best. Those that are serious and professional. In this world, as in all others, you have to be careful who you trust.
When it comes to children, I am sure that I am advising their parents good professionals. Especially with minors you have to be very careful. There have been problems on the part of people in this world who have wanted to take advantage of the image of children. Using photographs without consent etc. That’s why I offer security to my clients.

Personal or professional books

When they ask me to make a book I always ask if it is for agency or for personal use. There are many times that a book is a precious gift.

So much for yourself because you want to have the memory of those photos in a certain part of your life. Or sometimes someone such as a couple want to make a gift to their girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife. It is a very original and personal gift that is always liked a lot.
Other times families wants to have those photos nothing like the typical ones done years ago. A beautiful way to reflect the connection between the members of the family. A wonderful memory that will always like seeing in the future.

With me as a photographer books Mallorca you are going to be able to have that book that you always wanted. In a professional way I will guide you during the time that we are together.
I will give you the opportunity to have three costume changes. We will take photos both in the studio and outdoors in a nice place.
You can be sure that you will end up happy and live a great experience. Whether it is to try as a professional model. Like if it is on a personal level to have that memory of this time in your life.

Never give up your dreams before you start. Nice pictures can make it happen.

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Besides photography, music is also my passion. I never miss the opportunity to combine my singing facet with that of a photographer books in Mallorca. With both of them I express what I feel and feel more free.

Keep in mind that thanks to music and photography I manage to transmit everything that my personality does not allow me. Either out of shyness or prudence.

Because of this, fortunately, I have been able to meet many music professionals. I go to concerts and they hire me to take the photos that they then publish on their pages.

I am very satisfied when I manage to reflect their euphoria and enthusiasm in a photo. In general, in the photos you can appreciate that particular moment of ecstasy that we musicians feel with our art.

If you’re thinking of making a professional book and want advice on which agencies you can send it to, this is your place.

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