Photo shoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Photo shoot in Mallorca

One of the things that I like most as a photographer is to photograph children. I love their naturalness and sincerity. When I’m doing a photo shoot in Mallorca with them, I have a great time.

Many times it is the first time that photos are taken. I know that for them it can be a cause of nervousness. That’s why when they come to the studio I always welcome them with a big smile and sympathy. This makes them feel more comfortable. I try to create a fun atmosphere.

The important thing is that they are the ones who want to be there. Then you can ask them to get the best out of themselves  because they want to.
I tell them to jump and dance and have a good time while I take the opportunity to photograph them for who they are. This is fundamental in a photo shoot in Mallorca.


An important issue to think about in detail is the following. There are many agencies in the market and when it comes to children it is important to know who to work with. Especially because they are minors.

I always work with agencies that I know will treat them well. Agencies that are serious and respectful. When it comes to choosing, parents should know all these kinds of important things.
More and more the image of the children is being commercialized a lot. We see how their photos can be used without parental consent. There are cases where there has been more than one problem with this.


With me as a photographer you can be sure that I will help you in this matter.
I will give you the names of the best agencies. In Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona.
I will advise you on what you have to do so you can have the necessary security. It is essential that you take this into account when you want to do a photo shoot in Mallorca.

Agencies today need all kinds of children. They don’t just want kids who look like supermodels. There are many types of advertisements and requirements of different companies that want to advertise their brands.
Sometimes they want children who are sportsmen, others who know how to dance or who have a different face. That’s why you never know what they might be called for.

The world of children’s fashion is growing at a very strong pace. There are thousands of clothing companies that need children for their catalogs. Both nationally and locally.
There are also many advertisements for different products that like to have children. They require more and more different profiles and ages. That’s why agencies want photos taken professionally. Both studio and outdoor. Quality images with different costumes. Originality and naturalness is what they are looking for. That is why it is important to choose well with whom to make a photo shoot in Mallorca.

Session to Aina

As an example I give you the photo session I had with Aina. Her father called me because he wanted me to make her a book. They have known for a long time about the potential of their daughter. But they have been waiting for her to be older. Now they have considered her more centered. Apart from the studies she has got very good grades and she knows that the main thing is that. However, since she is such a different child, they have not been able to avoid it any more.

When I met her I immediately loved the way she was. She is very nice and mature for her age. Immediately we connected and at the studio she was wonderful. At each photo I realized how photogenic she is. It was an incredible photo shoot in Mallorca. Everything I asked her to do between games she did. She was having a great time and I photographed her in all her naturalness.

Then when it was time to take the outdoor photos we went to a beach. Taking advantage of the natural light of the afternoon I loved being able to photograph her there as well.
The clothes we had chosen with the help of her parents were spectacular.
They were also there enjoying the afternoon and watching their daughter do so well.

With the last rays of sunshine we ended the session. We gave each other a few hugs and happily said goodbye knowing that some great pictures were going to come out.
Here you have the result. As you can see it is important to trust professionals especially when it comes to children.

Photo shoot in Mallorca

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