Wedding photographer Santorini

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Wedding photographer Santorini

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Wedding photographer Santorini

Santorini is one of the most wonderful and picturesque islands in the Aegean Sea. Being a wedding photographer Santorini is an island that I fall in love with every time. It has more than 20 charming villages. It’s bright white houses with blue roofs overlooking the blue and transparent sea. It has calm beaches of an immense blue. Unique for its volcanic sand of red and black stones, great deal for diving. It makes this island an ideal place to have the wedding you always dreamed of.

Its people are affectionate, welcoming, sociable with small shops and restaurants where you can taste the typical Greek cuisine of fishermen.

The island

Fira or Thira is the capital of Santorini. As a wedding photographer Santorini I love to get lost in this place, a beautiful crescent-shaped village with houses painted bright white and churches with blue domes. They are at a height of 260 meters above sea level looking at the caldera of the volcano.

It is full of archaeological museums and one of the most recommended visits is to go to the volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe.

It is possible to catch in the port a boat which in 10 minutes leaves us in the small bay of the volcano. There you can climb the volcano by cable car or donkey, once there we can enjoy incredible views and we can bathe in hot springs. All this is part of its romantic landscape which is what characterizes this island. Being a wedding photographer Santorini offers you many alternatives.


It has many hotels where you can stay while you prepare that wonderful wedding. You can even escape and make an intimate elopement with your partner alone. You can also choose to have a celebration with your best friends. This island offers you the best places to enjoy all that in a romantic way.

There are several hotels that are ideal, for example: Oia Mare Villas, Porto Fira Suites, Panorama Studios and suites, Santorini Princess. They are just a good sample of the wonderful places where you can stay.

Wedding planners in Santorini

There are also incredible wedding planners that will make everything go perfectly and will organize it for you down to the smallest detail.  As examples I can give you a few :

-Divine weddings Santorini :

They have a very wide selection of places where you can have your wedding.

A hidden church overlooking the sea, the volcano with the sunset. A traditional wine cellar located in the caldera. An 18th century boat or a luxury catamaran. Dream hotels with views. And many more options.

– The diamond rock .

Their team is very enthusiastic and experienced. From weddings or small links to big celebrations, thanks to their travels they have learned to familiarize themselves with different cultures and ways of life. They are able to organize events that reflect your personality in different ways.

-Weddings Santorini

It opened its doors for the first time in 2003. Since then they have organized many events on the island. Devoting all their attention to the most important details with great care and affection. Offering an impeccable service with incredible sites and accompany you every step of the way. They are also local and live in Santorini itself which is very important. Also they help you establish a budget and offer a plan for the perfect wedding. It can even be just you two and they look for two witnesses for the wedding. Which can be intimate just you or you can gather all your friends and family. It can be a fun day with live Greek music accompanying you to the Caldera at the ceremony site. Every couple has a different dream.

Imagine a wedding in a place with small white houses that form a waterfall on the hill. They go down to the sea that shines with the sun. Magic in the shape of colors at sunset. Incredible paths that intertwine, hidden places that breathe romanticism. Santorini is a wonderful place to discover and enjoy.

We would love to photograph those moments and live them with you.

Wedding photographer Santorini

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