Wedding photographers Mallorca. Anneke and Simon

by Inma del Valle
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Wedding photographers Mallorca. Anneke and Simon in a luxury venue

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Wedding photographers Mallorca

More and more Mallorca is being discovered by couples abroad. They are looking for that ideal place where they can have the wedding of their dreams.Many times they come looking for good weather because in their countries they don’t have it. They are also looking for those wonderful houses and Fincas that will serve them as a perfect place. As wedding photographers Mallorca is the best place for this.

There are unimaginable places, big or small, that are true paradises. It depends on what kind of wedding you want if an intimate with few guests or a big one with many.

Beautiful couple

This is the case of Anneke and Simon who we met a few months ago. They contacted us and we were very excited to shoot their wedding.

She is German and he is Swiss. Already knew Mallorca from before because they had been on several occasions. Fell in love with the island and started looking for places to celebrate their wedding.

They found a private house near Santany  called Can Perdiu with beautiful gardens and swimming pool. It is surrounded by fields with olive trees and wheat that gives it a very rural look. The house inside is decorated in a very practical and modern way.

Wedding venue

When they came to Mallorca in winter to organize part of the wedding, we met them. They showed us the house and the ideas they had. Wanted to use the spaces in it. In the large entrance with several trees and a kind of patio they were going to receive the guests.

Decided that they wanted the pool area for the ceremony. They were going to put chairs around it and the altar right in the front area. The banquet would be perfectly arranged with long tables on the right side of the garden. Everything was decorated with garlands of light bulbs placed on top of the tables.

The part of the disco they wanted to organize under the porch of the house. Placing light curtains on the sides to give it a nice atmosphere.

Everything seemed great and we knew it was going to be a very nice wedding. In addition they would be around 70 guests which gave an intimate air that we love. Being wedding photographers Mallorca gives many precious opportunities for events like this.

The wedding date was to be June 22nd the day before the night of San Juan. The summer in Mallorca makes many flowers to be in plenitude. So when we met them a week before the wedding they told us that the Finca was beautiful. Many flowers adorned the whole garden and for the photos that is beautiful.

Wedding day

The wedding day arrived and we were there at 15.00. The guests would start arriving at 16.30 and the ceremony would be at 17.00. It was very hot and therefore they had many special Japanese umbrellas. They would distribute them among the guests to help them have a little shade. As wedding photographers Mallorca , I loved the idea.

When we arrived Simon received us all smiling and a little nervous. The big day they had been planning for so long had arrived. In the air-conditioned living room of the house we met his brother. Also his father and mother who were all charming. Many of them stayed in the house. As wedding photographers Mallorca I love to meet the couple’s relatives. In addition there were several children who always give a lot of play for the photos.

We decided that the living room was the best place to take a few photos of him and his brother. It was a very funny moment because his brother likes to make jokes. While he was putting on his bow tie and jacket there was laughter and more than one cushion flew.

Once we finished with him we went to look for Anneke.

Bride’s preparations

She was in the room upstairs. Makeup and Dreams hairdresser and makeup artist Amanda Noguera was with her. She had already finished the hairstyle that was very natural with some flower decorations. There was little left to finish her makeup.

I thought she was doing a great job. Anneke is a very pretty bride but Amanda was making her even more.

She showed us Pronovias‘ dress and we thought it was spectacular. She had already shown it to us in pictures because we like to see them before and we ask it to the brides. As wedding photographers Mallorca I want to know every detail. Seeing it in front of us seemed even more spectacular. I was sure it would be a dream wedding.

Anneke was calm and asked for Simon. We explained to her that we had had some very funny photos with him. We took her bouquet and we thought it was also very nice. All the floral decoration had been made by Flores y Más  and everything was beautiful.

Once it was ready, she put on the dress and it was incredible. She was going to be a beautiful bride.

At the entrance Simon was already receiving the guests that little by little arrived. There was lemonade, sangría and beers to try to palliate the heat.

Once everyone arrived, they moved on to the ceremony area. The swimming pool was ready with the chairs and the decoration of flowers.

The umbrellas continued to serve the guests and gave the exotic note.


We met Daniela Holst who was going to be the officiant of the ceremony which of course would be in German. Charming and smiling ready to celebrate a very romantic wedding.

When they were all in their places the music started to play and Simon came out. He came in with his brother and they both looked very happy. They took their places and he started waiting for Anneke.

Every wedding photographers Mallorca loves this special moment.

First came the girls who were throwing flower petals along the way. Behind them, Anneke was incredibly beautiful with her father. She surrounded the entire edge of the pool with the guests looking at her. Her parents couldn’t stand the excitement. Simon looked at her with such love, it was a magical moment.

She reached the altar and they looked at each other in such a romantic way, it was beautiful.

The ceremony took place in a very pleasant way thanks to Daniela. From time to time the small children escaped and spun around. It was the funny note of the ceremony. There was also a speech by the parents.

They said the “yes I want” and put on the rings both very happy. At the end of the ceremony gave each other a very passionate kiss and everyone applauded happily.

They did the exit and all the guests took the opportunity to congratulate them one by one.

Couple shooting

After that we were able to take them a few minutes later for some pictures of them. There were some incredible places with flowers and plants. In addition they had conditioned a swing in a tree. We also took advantage of a corridor of stone walls outside the house. They had placed candles on the floor and it was very romantic. It was unbelievable to take such beautiful pictures of them.We loved taking those photos as wedding photographers Mallorca.

They know exactly how to wear themselves and the complicity they have is precious. You can see how much they love each other.


Once we finished they joined the cocktail and then with all the guests they went to the banquet area. The tables in the garden were spectacular.

In charge of all was Delicioso Catering. They had arranged a great variety of all exquisite food.

During the banquet Anneke and Simon made speeches of thanks. They all sat with their umbrellas open and offered a very peculiar image.

After the banquet we were able to gather everyone in a group photo by the pool. Then Anneke gathered the single ladys to throw the bouquet. That moment always gives a lot of laughter.


We already passed to the area of the pool where they were going to make the nuptial dance. Flares were distributed and the song “Besame mucho” was played. It was a romantic moment shared by everyone around them.

The discotheque area started under the porch of the house and little by little everyone participated.

Between songs and laughter we said goodbye to both . We thanked them for how well they treated us. It has been a pleasure to share this special day .

We wish them all the happiness in the world and we will be delighted to see them when they return to Mallorca.

Recommendation of the bride and groom:

Anneke Focken , married 22/06/2019

Incredible photos and excellent treatment!

Inma and her partner Blanca are super sympathetic. Even before the wedding they helped us with some things. All the guests liked the way they were treated and their presence was not noticeable. The first photos we’ve seen so far: unbelievable! The best decision to take photos with Inma! 100% recommended!

You can see the link of this recommendation here :–e60718/opiniones

Wedding photographers Mallorca. Anneke and Simon.

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