Mariona and Andreu’s wedding. Natural wedding photographer

by Inma del Valle
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We really wanted to do this wedding in Son Servera. The bride and groom were Mariona and Andreu, a couple we loved when we met a few months ago. As a natural wedding photographer in Mallorca, there are times when you’re really excited about your work days.

First of all, on the day of the wedding we went to the groom’s house. Andreu was going to change clothes at his uncle’s house. It was very nice with a lot of light, something that as a natural wedding photographer helps me a lot. It also has a terrace that overlooks the church where they were going to get married.

His charming uncle welcomed us with great kindness. Then we saw Andreu .We gave him two kisses, he was nervous, but with that look of joy at the same time. Obviously like many grooms, it was hard for him to have his picture taken but he immediately got relaxed with us.

We know it’s not easy that day, that’s why we like to establish a good connection. We love meeting people and being part of the happiness they live by helping them in whatever we can.

At this point we started from the top terrace using the church as a backdrop. It was very sunny and at that time of the morning I tried to do everything quickly so as not to die of heat. Then we took advantage of the lounge upstairs and the terrace overlooking the square to get a few more. Every good natural wedding photographer must take advantage of the places.

The suit looked very good on Andreu. He was very handsome with his blond hair. His light eyes matched the tie he had chosen in aquamarine. Without a doubt Hugo Boss’ cufflinks gave a special touch to the final set.

Next in the room downstairs where the ultra-modern kitchen was, I wanted to photograph him while he had a Chivas. A few sips would help him relax a little before the day that awaited him. The occasion undoubtedly gave rise to much laughter. His uncle and aunt who we met also helped us in everything.While his uncle helped him to put on the tie I took advantage to take some more photographs.

Then we went walking to Mariona’s house, the bride who was waiting for us with her family. She received us in a beautiful dressing gown and was having the last details in her makeup and hairstyle. Then introduced us to her father and her mother who wore a beautiful pink dress. Definitely had an incredible figure and the matching shoes looked great on her.

The father was very tall and certainly active, he just spun around nervously. In the same way he liked to be attentive to all the preparations, to help and to participate. Meawhile Mariona’s younger sister came to help put on the dress with her mother.As natural wedding photographer I love these moments.

With all this in the living room with the large window overlooking the port I began to take pictures. There was a sun of justice and a lot of light came in. Every photographer has to adapt to the conditions and I do it quite quickly. Being a natural wedding photographer in Mallorca gives you the opportunity to develop a lot professionally. Speed is basically essential.

Some beautiful photos came out. The complicity at that moment between mother, sister and daughter was very nice.

Finally, the four together wanted to pose on the terrace to have a souvenir of that moment. Everything was going very well and we had time to be able to go to church without haste.

Once there, the guests began to arrive. Andreu received them with his big smile and finally we met his charming mother who was very elegant and his father.

Little by little everyone began to take their place inside the church. The groom would make the entrance in his mother’s arm and it was a very nice moment. Paco Colombas’ band started playing and it sounded great. In fact Aina the singer has a beautiful voice, I’ve known her for a long time and I love her. I was happy that they participated that day.

After the groom stood on the altar I left him and went outside to wait for the bride’s arrival. The bride arrived in the family car with her father driving and her mother and sister in it.

Without a doubt she was radiant and with a beautiful smile. She entered slowly in her father’s arm and Andreu looked at her happily. They finally greeted each other and the ceremony began during which there were very special musical moments. Moreover the godparents, including Andreu’s brother, were very elegant in their places. It was all very solemn and there were readings by relatives.

At the end, when they were husband and wife, they proceeded to have rose petals and soap bubbles thrown at them. At the exit it was all very amusing since they have many friends who cheered all the time.

We took pictures of those special moments that sure will be remembered with affection. Once everything was finished we went in the car behind them. The banquet and celebration would take place at Andreu’s parents’ farm.

There we met their dogs who were very nice and then we went to the cocktail. Everything was magnificently prepared by the catering Tot a Punt. The tables were decorated with personal details put by the bride and groom. In conclusion nothing was missing and everything was beautiful.

The wonderful garden by the pool was perfect to accommodate so many people and the banquet was going to be on the tennis court. They had prepared everything under a Bedouin tent to protect themselves from the sun that was hitting hard. You could not ask for more they had thought of everything. I thought it was beautiful as a natural wedding photographer.

Once the cocktail was over everyone sat down to eat and we took the opportunity to take the guests pictures at the tables. As time passed the afternoon fell and the heat became more bearable. At this time the bride and groom took the microphone and thanked their parents and more people. Friends were constantly cheering the whole banquet. There were funny moments with lots of laughter.

Then after dessert we went to the pool area where the music was starting. The bride and groom did it a little helped by me as they had their doubts about whether to do it or not. I insisted that they do it because where there is dance of the bride and groom there is fun and this wedding could not be less. Besides, they are an ideal couple and as a natural wedding photographer I wanted to take those photos.

Definitely they did it wonderfully and right away everyone who occupied the pool began to cheer up. I love those moments. With the great music that Paco Colombas was playing, everyone immediately started to dance. A big conga was organized around the pool and we all had a great time. I’m a natural wedding photographer, but I love participating after all and I enjoy what I do. I have a great time and it is reflected in my work.

No doubt that afternoon what was missing was to throw the groom into the pool. So not so surprisingly with the help of his friends and me the thing was organized. It was very crazy and fun. They threw him on his head and he made some of his friends fall with him.Obviously I took the pictures and now they are a good memory of course for them.

When everyone was dancing and having fun we said goodbye to the bride and groom and their families. In conclusion it had been a great day and I had a great time sharing each moment with them. I thank them because they are truly incredible and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

On the whole it’s a pleasure to work as a natural photographer in Mallorca

Mariona and Andreu’s wedding. Natural wedding photographer

Recommendation of the bride and groom :
Mariona , married on 01/09/2018
Festival assured

The truth is that we didn’t know who to choose to immortalize that special day for us. When we met Inma and Blanca we immediately knew that we had succeeded. They were able to relax the groom during the previous photos and nerves, coordinate the entrances to the church so that each moment was perfectly reflected and brighten up the celebration like no other had managed, with improvised dance, speech and immersion included. In short, highly recommended for their personal quality and work. Thank you very much girls!

You can find the link to the recommendation here :–e60718/opiniones–2

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