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by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fashion hairdresser Mallorca"

Hairdresser Mallorca

I love as a photographer in Palma de Mallorca to recommend professionals with whom I work super comfortable and hairdresser Mallorca Carlos Martin is one of them. We are lucky on this island to have highly qualified professionals like him who have worked for many years. Their experience and above all their good taste and personality make working with them and having them offering their services here a great luck.

First of all, I will start by telling you what Carlos Martin Peluqueros is all about.

I can tell you myself since I have had the luxury of working a lot with him. We have done many weddings together as a wedding photographer in Mallorca.

On the other hand, I spend hours as a client sitting in his coffee room watching everything that goes on there. Clients come in, others leave and even some eat right there. Not your typical hairdresser Mallorca.

"ALT" hairdresser Mallorca"

Elegant style

What’s this “coffee room” thing? Who’s Carlos Martin? All right, let’s start over.

In the heart of Palma de Mallorca, in that narrow and sloping street that connects San Miguel with Ramblas, you will find a space with a concept of experience and services related to high-end beauty and premium quality.

In this set of three unified Mallorcan houses, at street level, from the end of the 17th century, you will discover a section for ladies, another for men, like a good hairdresser Mallorca.

(Three different atmospheres: one more stately English, one more underground and one more hidden for people who need privacy).

Another space of esthetics, a common room where you can wait, eat, read the press and generally be at home. As a wedding photographer in Mallorca, I feel very comfortable there.

On the other hand, there is another space that is the most important of all, the diagnosis room, behind closed doors. In this one, you are neither influenced nor distracted by beauty images, photographs, products, music and even no internet.

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Personal dedication

This way you will get the maximum concentration from Carlos Martín. Not only your needs, but he will also interpret your fantasies in a personalized way.

With a mix of antique furniture, eclectic decoration, wild plants, uneven floors and indirect light, Carlos Martin wants to make customers feel at home.

And in that space of hairdresser Mallorca, find a result for your image that, with technical skills, high quality products and much knowledge, will reach that outcome called success.

Twenty-six years ago, Carlos Martin decided to become a hairdresser. Training and development in different techniques (cutting, color, equipment, and new products) has been the key to having a state-of-the-art salon.

His name, but also his signature is on any result that comes out of Carlos Martin Peluqueros.

From the very first moment, he is passionate about the bride theme. That’s why he cared and took care of learning the techniques of different hair styles. Not only from the most classic, traditional, country… but also the “Oscars” type, unkempt but glamorous. He is a great hairdresser Mallorca.

"ALT"hairdresser Mallorca Carlos Martin"

Training and experience

Carlos was educated in the best schools. He opened his first salon in Felanitx and later in Palma de Mallorca.

Also Carlos Martin has worked in international catwalks (Shanghai, New York, Paris and London). He belonged to the Redken artistic group of the L’Oreal brand for a decade. There he created images in catwalks and created with color techniques, hairstyles and cuts.

This great cocktail is reflected in the result of all his customers, because what Carlos Martin embodies as a hairdresser Mallorca, is everything they want to be. He empathizes to the maximum with each one, something that can only be achieved with a good background, experience, professionalism and security. As a wedding photographer in Palma de Mallorca I know this very well.

For this occasion, I have asked Carlos to collaborate on my website, telling us about his work, when it comes to brides and weddings in Mallorca.

I’ll have to do it very well, because I’ve already done four paragraphs and I haven’t told you about the protagonists yet. But I can assure you that I have done my job and before hitting the keyboard I met Carlos in his fantastic apartment with a tea and some pastries. Yes, at five o’clock.

"ALT"wedding hairdresser Mallorca photography"


My first and almost only question for Carlos was how he experiences a bride’s work. And he told me: “We as hairdresser Mallorca are part of the film that the bride wants to live that day.” Why? Well, because we help her interpret her fantasy in her makeup and hairstyle.

He has all kinds of brides: those who want to play with a character, those who want to be themselves, those who still don’t know what they are and want help finding what they want to wear, those who are not customers or from the island, etc. I know these things very well being a wedding photographer in Palma de Mallorca.

"ALT"hairdresser Mallorca preparations"

"ALT"Hairdresser Mallorca hairstyle"

"ALT"hairdress weddings Mallorca"

Exclusive styles

Many of them are from that last example, as more and more couples come to Mallorca to get married. Therefore, it is with them that we see the work from beginning to end.

As a hairdresser Mallorca, he makes hairstyles that extend in your hair what you want to transmit.

That is why the first thing is always to arrange an interview and see how they move, how they breathe, how they gesticulate, how they look, how they touch their hair and in general how they are in essence. That is something I like as photographer in Mallorca because I do the same.

Then he asks them for pictures of what they are like when they go to work, when they go out with friends for an informal dinner, when they go out for a drink and how they are like when they go to a big event.

"ALT"Palma de Mallorca best hairdresser"

Details are important

From here on, he starts working and getting information. It’s when you can immerse me in your world, have a second interview and find out what they might want, he says.

The most important thing as hairdresser Mallorca is that he sees the dress, (in all profiles). Then he asks them for some photographs of what they would like to take. That idea that today with the God Google we have solved.

Is the day of the test coming…? Yes, and that’s when he asks them to bring him a few things. Earrings are essential, a neckline as close in shape and texture to the dress, headdress, if worn.

And for the expected day…? That day, part of the staff and I go to their home/hotel/city/country or they came to the salon.


"Alt"Mallorca's best haidresser "

Personal service

He almost always goes to the wedding, I have been with him as a wedding photographer in Mallorca. He sets up the set and stays with them until the ceremony.

In some cases, there are brides who hire the look change or retouching service and there are those who hire the service all day long from Carlos Martin hairdresser Mallorca.

There is another service that Beauty Corner offers: a set with two professionals to touch up the guests.

What many people in the 1950s and 1960s would say about “I’m going to the dresser” or “I’m going to retouch”, right?

Finally, he tells us that there are other brides who hire the integral aesthetics service. It consists in preparing the beauty of face, hands, feet, body, etc., days before.

"ALT"Mallorca's hairdresser Carlos Martin"

Privacy is important

As a secret I will tell you that they don’t show many photos of brides because many of them want to keep their privacy and that’s a little bit of success.

What distinguishes Carlos Martín from the rest is discretion.

As his own opinion, I will tell you as photographer in Mallorca, what matters least here is the manipulation of the hairstyle, but rather the emotional involvement, commitment and responsibility on your image.The day that will stop being just one day to be your special day.

"ALT"Mallorca's hairdresser"

Hairdresser Mallorca

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