In these interviews I give information about myself.

In photography I started at the age of 18 in a totally self-taught way. I can say in these interviews that I used a compact camera to combine it with my singing career.

As I saw that it was a new world of expression for me, I was given a reflex camera and I started on the path of art making an autobiographical work linked to music. I was lucky enough to take my first works to an art gallery and be chosen to exhibit there.

As I can unfortunately say in these interviews, the art world is very difficult to live in, I got into wedding photography, but bringing that part of art photography to them.

I needed to express in the wedding work what I have inside. I can’t handle a classic, superficial wedding photography full of posing.

The people who hire me want me to for capturing the emotions of the moment and that artistic part that characterizes me. For me as I explain in the interviews, capturing the essence of the moment is fundamental in a wedding, which is something unique and unrepeatable.

Although my residence is in Mallorca, I also travel anywhere in the world. Something I love is to travel, meet new people and live the customs of other countries.

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