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"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings boda india en Mallorca"

Wedding blog Junebug weddings

Last June I had one of the best honours a wedding photographer can have. I was published in the wedding blog Junebug weddings, the best in the world. When they told me I was very happy because it is the recognition of many years of dedication and work.

You can find the link to the wedding published in Junebug weddings here.

"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings novia india"

I feel very lucky to be doing this job as a wedding photographer in Mallorca, something I enjoy very much. To meet so many interesting people from all over the world and experience so many emotions is amazing. To be able to photograph unique moments that mean so much to so many people is wonderful. Years later they will come back to see my photos and be moved in the same way as they were on that day, that is my goal.

Junebug weddings

This wedding which has been published on the Junebug weddings blog was one of the most spectacular weddings I have had so far. Being able to have an Indian wedding in Mallorca with so many guests from all over the world was a dream come true. The cultural richness, the range of colours, the traditions, everything added up and you can see the result in the photos.

"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings"

The bride and groom Reshma and Tom were amazing from start to finish and helped me with everything. Their families treated us as if we were one of their own and wrapped us with so much love for the two days of this Indian wedding in Mallorca.

Best weddings blog

The wedding blog Junebug weddings before uploading a wedding on their website goes through all the details of the wedding in detail. Junebug ask the bride and groom for permission and ask them questions regarding their wedding. They make sure they give their consent.  Only upload the most amazing weddings with all the respect in the world. Junebug weddings place great importance on displaying all races, genders, styles, cultures and religions.

"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings boda india"

I think it’s very important what they are doing to give as much information about weddings as possible. They give all kinds of advice in publications. Bringing couples closer to photographers, venues, styles and all kinds of things related to weddings.

You can find inspiration in everything they publish. They make the adventure of planning a wedding exciting and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Weddings blog Junebug weddings

The fact that my Indian wedding in Mallorca has been published in Junebug weddings represents for me another step forward in this wonderful world of wedding photography. It reaffirms to me that everything I’m fighting to make a place for myself in this profession is well worth it. After the bad year we have all had. Because of the coronavirus, being able to survive and recover from such a bad year is very important. Thanks to the wedding blog Junebug weddings they have given visibility to my work. I have been able to let many people see what I like to do so much. For me, being able to do multicultural and international weddings is very important.

"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings ceremonia boda india"

I love having weddings in Mallorca where the couples are from different countries and the guests come from all over the world. Also, I love to go to other countries to do weddings. For example Italy, France, UK, even Mexico which is a country I love, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, etc.

To be able to photograph the love reflected in the faces of so many people, the tears of happiness, meetings after a long time. It is undoubtedly one of the best jobs in the world.

Indian wedding photographer in Mallorca

At Reshma and Tom’s Indian wedding in Mallorca I really enjoyed the two days it lasted. We had 250 guests and experienced a lot of emotions. The weather also played with us a little bit. It looked like it was going to rain but it didn’t and the wind was an unexpected guest. Everything went wonderfully and I will keep the beautiful memories that I was able to capture in the form of photographs.

The intense red and yellow colours of the decorations and dresses, the flowers, the jewellery that Reshma wore. At the party following the ceremony, the music and dancing filled with so much joy and endless smiles. It was a unique and wonderful experience that involved us all and I thank the wedding blog Junebug weddings for publishing it.

"ALT"blog de bodas junebug weddings preparativos boda india en Mallorca"

I will continue to work as a wedding photographer in Mallorca with all my dedication and even more effort. It is a magical world full of illusions and thanks to Junebug weddings it becomes more exciting and thrilling to plan for couples. For professionals like me it makes us more visible and we can show our work to the whole world, reaching places where it would be impossible to do so.

Wedding blog Junebug weddings








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