Trends in wedding dresses 2022

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"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022"

Trends in wedding dresses 2022

One of the things we women love most about weddings is the wedding dress. Especially if it is your wedding and your dress. In this post we are going to discover the trends in wedding dresses 2022.

"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022 "

Because to have found the partner of your life after so many sentimental disasters is a miracle nowadays. Of course, so many years of trying with this one or that one, with horrible dates. We know it can be desperate and sometimes you give up. There are times when you try not to notice his flaws and suddenly he invites you to dinner at his mother’s house. Because yes, you have to give him as many chances as possible before discarding.


The whole thing has been like an ultra mega complicated mission in your life. So now you’ve finally found him and decided to do a big wedding celebration end of search. What more than to dedicate yourself to the great experience of finding your perfect wedding dress.

"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022 "

The perfect wedding dress

Many brides who want to feel like the most special woman on that magical day are in for a treat. We have compiled what the experts call the trends in wedding dresses 2022. Because as a wedding photographer in Mallorca I love a happy bride who looks great in her wedding photos.

According to the Bible, that is to say, according to Vogue magazine, we are going to take into account a series of details. It is very fashionable for wedding dresses to be recyclable so that you can wear them again on other occasions. Also, the so-called detachable dresses are the latest trend. These are composed of several pieces. Skirt, top, blouse and jacket. It is very trendy in wedding dresses 2022 that you can take off and put on as you please during the wedding. This way it will look like you have more than one dress and depending on the moment you change your look.


"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022"

The tail almost disappears and is no longer essential. Silk and chiffon drapes hanging from the shoulders or sleeves are preferred. In addition, a return to the Roaring Twenties is very fashionable. Where hemlines show the ankles, waists are long and there are crystal embroidered details. Also fringes hanging down so that while you dance the dress moves with you and you look spectacular.

Trends in weddingg dresses 2022

There are other trends in wedding dresses 2022 according to one of the best brands such as Rosa Clará. She makes a mix between modern and classic lines. Her dresses have openings on the side or in the front. She uses tulle, lace, floral motifs and crepe as materials. For this brand that makes the dreams of many brides come true, the 20’s have also been an inspiration. In their Gatsby Collection they use rhinestones, sequins and feathers.


"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022"

Their haute couture line the Couture Collection is more romantic with pieces of authentic craftsmanship made to detail. And as we have said before the multi-look as they call it with detachable pieces to get many looks with one dress. They have five collections so they deserve to be seen and tried to have the experience of a lifetime looking for that perfect dress.

Pronovias goes for a boho trend for outdoor summer weddings. And of course you have to see their Atelier Pronovias 2022 collection. And we have to highlight their #wedoeco line with their sustainable outfits that we support to the fullest. All their collections are very glamorous and feminine, you are going to have a hard time choosing.

"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022"

Trends 2022 wedding dresses

Another brand that we love and with whom we have worked a lot as a photographer in Mallorca is Jesus Peiro. Simple lines under the name Textures that fit like a glove. Merche Segarra has created pieces that are classic and modern at the same time with that elegance that characterises the brand.

"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022 jesus peiro"

You can trust any of these brands that are sure to follow all the trends in wedding dresses 2022.

Also here in Mallorca we have Lena and Lena who now have their shop in Inca. After many years in Palma they have opened a shop that we advise you to visit before making any decision. If you want them to make your wedding dress according to a series of ideas or inspirations they will do it for you. They also have their own original designs that you won’t see anywhere else and you will have a unique dress. Or maybe several because it is your wedding and you can vary your dress depending on the ceremony, cocktail or banquet as we have said.

"ALT"tendencias en vestidos de novia 2022 lena y lena"

We have advised you with some trends but don’t forget that in the end it’s your decision. It has to be something very personal that suits your tastes and your personality. It should also be comfortable so that you can enjoy the celebration to the fullest and you can dance and give it your all.

As your wedding photographer in Mallorca I will love you to choose the best dress for you and take all those beautiful pictures. They will be a great memory of that day and after some time you will come back to live it and get excited seeing them.

Trends in wedding dresses 2022

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