Winter weddings in Mallorca

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Winter weddings in Mallorca

There are some couples who, due to different circumstances, prefer to get married in autumn-winter. Perhaps because they work in seasonal professions and it is impossible for them to get married in summer. Others simply can’t stand the heat and sun and prefer the romantic winter. We know it’s not usual and perhaps it sounds strange but winter weddings in Mallorca can be magical.

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The typical image of a wedding is one that takes place between May and October, let’s say. It means weddings with lots of sun and heat, that the dresses are light and everything takes place outdoors. Now let’s think about winter weddings in Mallorca and their advantages.

Advantages of winter weddings in Mallorca

You can get a lot of things out of them that you wouldn’t have in summer. What about the romanticism that these dates offer. You can choose a venue that is completely designed for you and your guests that is ideal. Everything can be adapted to the time of year and there are great wedding planners who can help you with everything. They will coordinate so that no one is out in the cold waiting and will organise all the stages of the wedding.



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Think of that cosy place where guests are given a hot chocolate instead of lemonade. Or even a hot wine with spices that tones you up right from the start. There are many fincas that are very cosy and with some strategically placed heaters you can create a perfect atmosphere. Even if you are thinking outdoors, a few wood fires with their warmth and the smell of holm oak can be incredible. It is a fundamental rule, let’s say the most important one, never skimp on heaters.


Another good thing about winter weddings in Mallorca is that guests can wear their winter finery. You won’t have a single jacket left over, which in summer is the first thing they take off. You won’t see a single one hanging on the chairs during the banquet. Your friends will be able to wear all kinds of accessories to be comfortable and they will surely love to wear that new winter dress bought in the sales.


Catering and winter decoration

Catering can be tailored to seasonal ingredients and there can even be some warm soup or cream as a starter. There are many amazing caterers on Mallorca who can do wonders for winter weddings on Mallorca. I’m sure they are happy to be asked for suggestions and ideas.

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The decoration can be marked by very romantic colours such as ochre, brown, golden leaves of the trees. All tones can be in accordance with this by using natural elements, seasonal plants, candles, pine cones, moss. You can use warm fabrics and even artificial snow for some places. Garlands of lights everywhere with their little lights will make a lovely atmosphere and make for beautiful photos. If you choose to get married in November or December a Christmas table decoration could be amazing.

Outdoors winter weddings

If you are thinking of celebrating outdoors it is best to have a plan B and a plan C and D just in case. Winter weddings in Mallorca you never know if the weather is going to be good. There are times when it is sunny in January and it feels like May. But in the same way it can happen that Mallorca in January seems like Siberia and you have to do everything indoors.

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As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I will always accompany you to your wedding venue beforehand. I will see everything and plan perfectly the spaces and the different options. It is possible to take photos outdoors, taking advantage of the beautiful light in winter. Even the sunsets are amazing with colours that are not available in summer. We will also see if we can take photos indoors, perhaps with closer shots. For all this I will advise you and for sure you will get beautiful pictures.

Winter wedding dresses

As you may have read in my last post on Wedding Dress Trends 2022 you are in luck. Multi-layered or multi-use dresses are in fashion so you can have a top, a jacket, a cape or stole and you can take it off or put it on as you please. For these winter weddings in Mallorca temperatures it’s perfect, because you won’t be cold. Also, it’s very flattering to wear that white cape over your shoulders like in the Ana Karenina film.

Of course don’t forget to make a good supply of blankets from Ikea to have ready. You may find that your guests will need to use them at certain times and just like the heaters, they are a basic necessity.

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Music to go along

However, a winter wedding in Mallorca is still a great celebration. Music is a very important part of it and perhaps more so than ever. A good dj or live band will keep everyone dancing non-stop and no one will remember that it is winter. You will warm up quickly and no one will want to stop. You are going to succeed in your wedding as one of the best without a doubt.

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One of the most important advantages besides winter weddings in Mallorca is the cost of the wedding. As it is low season many suppliers will offer special prices. All the money you can save can be spent on a spectacular honeymoon, perhaps to those beaches you can’t enjoy in summer.

As you can see there are so many advantages that it doesn’t matter if you celebrate your wedding in summer or winter in Mallorca. I will be delighted to share it with you and to take some beautiful photos so that you have the best memories of that great day.

Winter weddings in Mallorca

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