Family photo session in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca familia"

Family photo session in Mallorca

A few months ago we were lucky enough to be contacted by a very special family. They wanted to have a family photo session in Mallorca. They are from Teheran in Iran and their son Arvi has just turned two years old.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca ojos"

When I was able to talk to Pejman, who is the father, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he is a flamenco guitarist. He is also a very good musician and knows a little Spanish. He has been to Spain many times and is much admired as a musician.

For this family photo session in Mallorca he asked me to take some photos of his son as a memory. He also told me that he would love a few photos of him and his wife with Arvi. Of course I thought it was fantastic and when I saw Arvi’s little face I fell in love immediately.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca"

Family photography

One of the things I love most about my work as a photographer in Mallorca, as I have said on other occasions, is photographing children. They seem to me to be the most beautiful and innocent thing there is. When I saw Arvi, that look, those little eyes, he was so cute. At only two years old, you can tell he is so loved and so cared for that he exudes happiness.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca sonrisas"

We met at a place in Portixol to take the photos. They wanted them to be close to the sea and the chosen place is very quiet. Besides, it gave Arvi space. The three of them came together and I finally met Pejman’s wife, very beautiful and charming.

It was a wonderful afternoon with just the right amount of sunshine without it being annoying. Arvi had just got up from his nap so he was rested and above all ready to play.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca guapo"

There is nothing a 2 year old likes more than a puddle of water. It was very funny because in the sandy area where we were, the sea had produced a tiny lake. It was the ideal size for Arvi to discover it and he went crazy jumping and running in it. How little it takes to be happy, no doubt we have to relearn things from children. He was coming and going from one side to the other and I was trying to catch that beautiful face with my camera.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca salto"

Family session at the beach

I had his parents pick him up in their arms on top of some rocks. It only lasted a few seconds because he had in his mind to run back to play. This family photo session in Mallorca was a lot of fun with Arvi. We had to trick him a little bit to make him do other things and Pejman was holding him in his arms, throwing him in the air. How nice it is to see a father playing with his son.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca padre e hijo"

The mother changed Arvi’s clothes a couple of times and he looked gorgeous. Those eyes and curls are to die for. We were able to get the three of them to run around the shore making it all a game.

I think Arvi was having a blast, the sand was just another toy and it was everywhere.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca alegría"

The three of them lay down, pretending to be in their living room with the sea in the background. They also went into the water holding hands and not caring about getting wet. I was loving this family photo session in Mallorca. When you meet such good people, who love each other so much and it shows, it’s fantastic.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca felicidad"

Create memories with these family sessions

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca rocas"

For me as a photographer in Mallorca one of my greatest satisfactions is to know that I am creating memories. With these photos I take, the moment stands still. In a few years time when Arvi is older he will see them and even if he doesn’t remember them because he was so small they will surely make him happy. He will see how his parents played with him when he was little and what a beautiful family they are.

Besides, having chosen such a magical place as Mallorca for his holidays makes it even more special. The light, the colours, the sea with its waves all add up to make the memory in the form of photos even more beautiful.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca orilla"

We were having a great time and it was a family photo session in Mallorca with lots of laughs. Also, there was my dog Noah who is always very good with children. Arvi was delighted with her and she was very playful when we wanted him to be a bit quiet for a photo. The children are happy as soon as they see Noah. I think the connection between children and animals is very important. I always try to take her and as she behaves so well she is great.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca madre"

Little by little we finished the session although Arvi would have stayed playing all afternoon. I hope to keep in touch with them and see how he grows up. I was delighted to have met them and I wish them all the happiness in the world. We said goodbye with a hug until next time.

"ALT"sesión de fotografía familiar en mallorca puesta de sol"

Family photo session in Mallorca

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