Children’s photography book in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca bailando"

Children’s photography book in Mallorca

I love doing photo shoots with children, it’s something that gets to me. They are so real and so much fun that I have a great time every time I do one. The children’s photography books in Mallorca can also be done in the most beautiful places on the island. This time I was lucky enough to take pictures of a little girl who is already a professional.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca bolso"

Her name is Carmen, she is 9 years old and she is amazing. Her mother had already told me when she called me that she was a very special girl and had sent me photos of her. She is already working with some important modelling agencies and you can tell she has it in her.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca corriendo"

Children photo shot in Mallorca

She needed to renew her children’s photography book in Mallorca with new photos. That’s why her mother contacted me and we agreed on a date to have them taken. First they were going to come to the studio and then we would go to take photos outdoors.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca felicidad"

As soon as Carmen walked through the door she made her presence felt, she is a girl with a lot of personality. I love meeting girls like that who know how to behave and are a delight to work with. You can tell she loves the fashion world and has a lot of knowledge.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca primer plano"

Her mother supports her completely and is a fundamental part of Carmen reaching important places in this world. For a children’s photography book in Mallorca it is necessary to know who to go to and what steps to take. At the moment she belongs to the agencies Sugar Kids, Mnstudios and Characters Models.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca"

Photo shoot in the studio

First we chose what she was going to wear for the session in the studio. They had brought some really cool things that were great for her. We also used a few accessories and of course my dog Noah. As you know all kids love him and Carmen was not going to be an exception. I put on some music and we started.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca sentada en el mar"

I didn’t need to tell her many things because she already knew what to do and how to wear it. She is very nice and funny. We danced, jumped and she even did gymnastics with her legs. It was very easy and fun. Once I knew I had some great pictures that they were going to love I finished the studio part.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca botella de coca cola"

Outdoors session

We took the cars and went to a place in Mallorca that I like a lot and that was going to give a lot of play. There we started with the clothes that we had chosen for her in the studio for outside. She was going to change about three times, which is normal for a children’s photography book in Mallorca.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca con Noah"

Carmen was having a great time and was gaining more confidence as time went on. This little girl has a very good head and will do great things for sure. Her mother helped us every time we had to change her wardrobe and enjoyed seeing how Carmen was doing so well. No wonder she is already working for important modelling agencies.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca dibujando en la arena"

It was a beautiful afternoon with perfect light and temperature. Carmen was climbing rocks, doing a model walk or drinking a bottle of coke. Every occasion was an opportunity to take pictures of her as she looks great in everything. She has a lot of spontaneity and she is also very open, she tells you a lot of things in a moment.

Kids photography world in Mallorca

Nowadays there is a lot of competition between modelling agencies and you have to be very careful where to go. I always advise mothers who to write to and who to work with. When dealing with minors it is a very delicate subject. Carmen works with very good agencies that are very serious about protecting the interests of children. The world of children’s fashion is very beautiful and interesting, I love children’s photography. That’s why you should always work with qualified and experienced professionals.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca sentada en el mar"

Carmen is an example of professionalism at this age and she has her mother who supports, protects and cares for her to the maximum. It is very important that at the same time they have fun at this age and don’t feel it is an obligation. Carmen brought out all her personality while having a great time and the time flew by while we were taking pictures of her as she is a very fun child.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca con la perrita Noah"

She can work for TV commercials, which she would do very well, as well as for catalogues and fashion shows. Her funny, easy-going personality will help her a lot when it comes to being hired for all kinds of things.

"ALT"book de fotografía infantil en Mallorca con una coca cola"

Little by little we were finishing the children’s photography book in Mallorca. The sun was going down and the afternoon was coming to an end, we were all happy and satisfied with how everything had turned out. I wish Carmen all the best in the world. She is a great girl and I know she will succeed in everything she sets her mind to, I would love to follow her and see for myself. I thank her mother for trusting me and I’m sure we will keep in touch.

Children's photography book in Mallorca

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