Kids photoshoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca glasses"

Kids photoshoot in Mallorca

"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca sweet"
"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca sweet"

This week I was lucky enough to do a kid’s photoshoot in Mallorca for a lovely boy. In a season that is being so atypical I am taking advantage of it to do many sessions with children. All this gives me the opportunity to get to know many interesting people. It’s one of the wonderful things about this job and I have a great time, especially with the little ones. Everyone has their own personality and when they come to the studio for a kids’ photoshoot i in Mallorca it’s great to discover it.

They almost always come without knowing what is going to happen. Their mothers or fathers call and I always inform them of all the details. What happens is that the children only know that they are going to be photographed and they are a little bit confused when they come in.

As soon as I start talking to them, they get over it right away. They see that they are going to have a good time and little by little they lose their shyness

Kids photoshoot in Mallorca

Kids photoshoot in Mallorca

In this kids’ photoshoot in Mallorca I had 9 year old Esteban. But what nine years he seems to be at least 12 is very tall and above all mature. I immediately loved his way of behaving very respectful and polite. At the same time looking at everything with curiosity and with very intelligent answers.

I’ve already told you in many posts that I find the variety of cultures super enriching. Well, Esteban has a Cuban mother and a Majorcan father. He is physically like his mother, but according to her his character is more like his father’s.

"ALT"kids photoshoot in Mallorca cool"

I thought he was a great guy from the start and as soon as I could be with him in the studio he let go. At school he is an exemplary student and always gets very good grades. He also loves basketball and although they haven’t given him positions yet, he wants to be a point guard. I believe that sport is fundamental for children. It teaches them many principles and they grow up healthy and strong. You always have to try to combine your studies with sport and Ernesto is so tall, basketball is ideal.    

"ALT"kids photoshoot in Mallorca fun"

Likes and hobbies

He told me in this kids’ photoshoot in Mallorca that his favourite dish is his mother’s paella. I love asking them these things. I couldn’t agree more, I love paella too, it’s one of my favourite foods. Sometimes they answer me very funny things, I asked him which restaurant he likes best in Mallorca and he said Mc.Donalds !!!!

Her mother, even though she is Cuban, has known how to adapt herself completely to Mallorca. She knows how to cook all the dishes that are from here and understands perfectly the Majorcan language. I think it’s very important to learn all the customs and it’s very admirable. This is how cultural exchange becomes enriching for everyone. She did, however, confess that she would like Esteban to like Cuban music. What happens is that he is more into the classical music, he is now learning to play the piano. This child is incredible and he was surprising me in this kids’ photoshoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca jump"

Studio session in Mallorca

In the studio I started by putting him in a pair of jean shorts with a pink shirt that highlighted his brown skin. All the clothes they brought were very cool. To make it even more fun I wanted to put on some music and we put on a little bit of salsa. After a while he confessed that he is a fan of Queen. He knows everything about Freddy Mercury, has seen his film and loves his music. So for this kids photoshoot in Mallorca there you had us giving it all with “I want to break free”.

Esteban was already comfortable and we finished quickly in the studio. We had to take photos outside as the agencies ask for photos outside the studio as well. So we collected everything, decided which clothes would fit him best in the beach area and left.

"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca sweet"

Outdoor session in Mallorca

There was a tremendous wind that day in Palma. The waves were spectacular and there was a beautiful light. However, I did not want him to be cold and the wind after a while was quite annoying. After a few photos there we went to a nearby area that I also like very much. There are some really cool rocks and their texture is like a natural studio background.

Esteban was climbing walls and with his hair all wild because of the wind, I was thrilled. This child has many changes and offers many possibilities as a model. I think we were both having a great time in this kids’ photoshoot in Mallorca and his parents were looking at him proudly in the distance.

"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca jump"

Once the session was over I thanked them and congratulated them for having this great son. I am sure he will do well in everything he sets out to do and as a model he can have a great future. I will love to follow him and see everything he does. This was a great kids photoshoot in Mallorca with Esteban.    

"ALT"kids photoshoot in mallorca sweet"

Kids photoshoot in Mallorca

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