Children’s photographer in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca gymnast"

Children’s photographer in Mallorca


It’s really amazing, I’m falling more and more in love with kids these days. I’m so happy to work with them, it’s a pleasure to meet them and discover what they’re like. As a children’s photographer in Mallorca I enjoy it very much.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca studio"
"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca curls"

Everyone has their own personality and skills. They make me laugh with their ideas and it’s a pleasure to chat with them. Often they are even more mature than the older ones and they tell you things that make you go crazy with admiration.

Different photo session

On this occasion I was very lucky to meet Erika. When her mother, who is a special case because she is very nice, contacted me, I knew that she was going to be special. She told me that Erika has been a gymnast for several years and that she lives for it. When I heard her as a children’s photographer in Mallorca I was thrilled. To have the chance to do something very different and original is always exciting.

She also sent me photos of Erika and I saw a little girl with a very sweet smile and a playful look. I couldn’t wait to take pictures of her. So when the day came and I saw her come through the studio door I fell in love instantly. With her red hair full of curls and her smile she conquers you the moment you see her.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca jump"

As a children’s photographer in Mallorca for book sessions I always make three costume changes. That’s why I had asked them to bring a suitcase with different clothes and combinations. Above all clothes that she likes to wear and feels happy and at ease. I think it’s important for them to feel special and safe to dress in their favourite things.

She had some jeans and a pink T-shirt that fit her super well apart from other things. I always ask for some sport or casual outfit and others more formal. As always Noah my dog was walking around curious and wanting to meet Erika. When we started right away I realised that this photo shoot in Mallorca was going to be very easy.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca Erika"

Children’s photographer in Mallorca

As a children’s photographer in Mallorca I have photo sessions with children in Mallorca almost every day. It’s one of the parts of my profession that I like the most, dealing with children. I can dedicate a lot of time to them and take advantage of every opportunity they give me during the hours we are together.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca"

Because of my experience as a children’s photographer in Mallorca I get to talk to them and know what to do so that they immediately gain confidence. There are different types of children, most of them have never made a book before. That’s why I find myself in many situations.

There are times when they are more open and I don’t have to tell them many times how to do certain things because they are in their element. They have a great time in front of the camera with the lights and me in front of them.

"ALT "children's photographer in Mallorca with jacket"

There are others who find it a bit more difficult but that’s normal. In the end they all open up and love this experience. I’ve had kids ask their mother when we’re done, can we come over more times to take pictures? I love that they say those things. With Erika we had a great time together. She immediately wanted to show me her skills as a gymnast.

A very special girl

Being a children’s photographer in Mallorca I am always looking for new things and this skill was totally new to me. She suddenly started to raise her leg until it was parallel to her body and I couldn’t believe it. With an amazing ease and naturalness she would raise her leg up to her head completely straight. But what an amazing thing I said to her and she was so happy with a smile from ear to ear.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca up"

I made her change her clothes in the studio and she put on some very rocking boots and a skirt. I thought of putting Noah next to her with a T-shirt that Erika had brought. There they were both very much in their totally cool roles and it was a very funny picture. I made her jump from side to side, raise her leg in other positions, it was incredible. As a children’s photographer in Mallorca I was taking advantage of every moment.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca with Noah"

Outdoor session

We had to go and take pictures outside so we went to catch the sunset. It’s already September and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Even so the temperature and the light on the beach is beautiful, this island is incredible in all the seasons of the year. Erika was having a great time and I got photos of her cheerful and bringing out her best smile. She had braces and sometimes that bothers the kids and they don’t want to smile but she did without any problems.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca on rocks"
"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca smile"

Also as a children’s photographer in Mallorca I wanted to get her sweet and dreamy side to have various aspects of her personality in pictures. The agencies want to have various types of photos to see all the qualities. Erika is really great and she is sure to be a hit with the different agencies I recommended.

"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca happy jump"
"ALT"children's photographer in Mallorca look"

I wish her all the best and I hope we see each other again very soon. You can see here in this post the photos and enjoy them as much as I have done. See you in the next one.

Children’s photographer in Mallorca

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