Children’s books in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Children’s books in Mallorca

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One of my greatest passions as a photographer is children. I love making children’s books in Mallorca and I always have a great time.

They always come with a bit of shyness at first. It’s normal as it comes as something new they do. The camera and having someone taking pictures of you all the time imposes.

However, after a few minutes with me, they immediately let go. Of course I have a lot of experience doing this after so many years.

After all I understand how they feel and I try to make them feel better every minute. Because of that I try to make it a fun experience for them. I ask them questions and I am interested in their things during children’s books in Mallorca.

I tell them funny anecdotes that have happened to me and I make them laugh a lot. Also, I always try to make the changes of clothes that they have with things that they like. If you put on your favourite dress or T-shirt you’ll feel great. I’m also careful about accessories. Sometimes a hat or glasses make the picture more interesting. There are children who like this very much.

In the studio I even put on their favorite music to dance to. That’s how great natural photos come out.

Photo session

Last week I had Ayelen, this wonderful girl for another children’s books in Mallorca . She came with her mother and her aunt. Wonderful people who I noticed how well they take care of her and dedicate themselves.

She had had her communion recently. As a gift they had taken her to Disneyland in Paris. She told us how much fun she had with great enthusiasm.

During the photo shoot we had a lot of fun both in the studio and outdoors. Everything I told her to do was fine. She liked the camera and the camera liked her. We caught a very nice sunset and took advantage of the light as much as we could. The beach was beautiful this September afternoon for this children’s books in Mallorca.

I loved the look on her face and her big, expressive eyes. She also has a very sweet smile. When you have kids like that it’s great. Children’s modeling agencies are going to love her.

I’m sure she will continue to have very good grades at school and I wish her all the best.

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