Wedding finca Mallorca, Ana and Joanmi’s wedding

by Inma del Valle
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This past July we had the beautiful wedding of Joanmi and Ana. We met them a few months ago over a cup of coffee. As soon as we sat down with them to chat we realized how well we would get along.

They are one of those couples that you know they love each other very much. Ana and Joanmi’s  have been together for a long time and they want to make a fabulous wedding.

Ana and Joanmi were charming and there was a great connection from the beginning. They didn’t take long to tell us that they had chosen us and made us very happy.

It was also great that they had  hired as a wedding finca Mallorca the beautiful Son Berga in Alaró.  One of the best wedding fincas in Mallorca, with Eli at the head. She always tries her best to have everything perfect and we knew it would be like this. We really wanted to take pictures of them there and for the day to come quickly.

Apart from that, we were very excited that they had chosen El Jardín as their catering. It is for us the best catering in Mallorca without a doubt. With Ania preparing everything in a perfect way they were going to have a dream wedding.


That day we went first to the groom’s house.  Juanmi was already waiting for us with his parents and brother.

He had chosen a beautiful dark blue suit. Between his parents and his brother he got dressed and groomed. One put the jacket on him, the other the cufflinks, the tie. He was very elegant. They all were charming and had a lot of illusion for the big day.

From there we went to the bride’s house. There were about 14 people in her house. Her very nice parents and the lovely grandmother. Uncles, cousins, they all wanted to be part of that day.

We saw Ana who was very calm and beautiful. As soon as they finished with her to comb her hair and makeup she came with me.

She had the bridal gown in her room, which was spacious and bright. It is one of the most important things when it comes to taking pictures of the bride. In order for everything to go well you have to keep this in mind.

Her mother and grandmother came to help her dress. Both were very happy, with a lot of illusion. The bouquet was beautiful and so were the shoes.

Little by little she got dressed and was very beautiful. Then we went out to the garden area of her house. She was looking forward to taking pictures there near the pool. Juanmi’s brother came and, as tradition would have it, gave her the bouquet. He also brought a note from Juanmi that moved her a lot.

I love it when there is all this love and feeling in weddings.


From there we went to church. The monastery of Santa María de la Real. It is a very beautiful and intimate church. Little by little the guests began to arrive who were all super elegant.

Juanmi greeted everyone and was very happy.

He made the entrance and we waited for Ana. She came all beautiful and excited.

The ceremony was very nice and from there we went to the wedding finca Mallorca Son Berga.

As we approached with the car a cloud threatened. Suddenly it started to rain. When we got out of the cars we took refuge in a roofed area.

Together with the bride and groom we waited there for it to stop. Luckily it was only a cloud and then it was a perfect afternoon.

We went with the bride and groom to take some beautiful photos at the top of the wedding finca Mallorca of Son Berga. It’s a dream place where we had a great time. Meanwhile, people began to arrive at the cocktail.

At the end of the photo sesión they made the entrance with live music, they were two saxophonists. Also a singer. A very romantic atmosphere was created.


Ania from catering El Jardin already had everything ready. The bride and groom toasted with two glasses of cava and joined the cocktail.

Everything was so good, the guests enjoyed a lot. El Jardín’s presentation of all they served was incredible. The best of Mallorca.

Finished the cocktail they all passed to the zone of the banquet. There were the tables and the spectacular decoration. Eli and Ania had it all beautiful and precious. We love to do weddings in Son Berga.  We know that everything will always be perfect and the bride and groom will be happy. It’s a dream wedding finca Mallorca.


The entrance to the banquet was a blast with them and all the guests up and dancing.

During the banquet there were many surprises from the guests to the bride and groom. It was all very lively and there were a lot of fun moments.

They even formed a conga and at the end they gave the bride and groom the money for the wedding. But it was money in coins put in buckets full of straw. Everything was very funny. They also did the shoe game and there were emotional speeches.

At the time of the dance they had prepared a choreography. In front of the banquet area they did it. To their surprise in one part of the dance there was something special. They had prepared a cold fire with huge flares. Everything was very nice and the people were very cheerful. Then we went to the inside area. The open bar was super well prepared as everything is in Son Berga. There was also an area of sweets and photo-call. We love working in this wedding finca Mallorca.

The guests were having a great time in the disco and I took the opportunity to have my dance with Ana. I love to dance with my brides.

We said goodbye to everyone happy to have had such a beautiful wedding. Thank you to everyone involved it was amazing.

We wish them much happiness and a life full of love.


Wedding finca Mallorca, Ana and Joanmi’s wedding

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