Wedding photographer Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
best wedding photographer Mallorca

Weddings photographer Mallorca

This past Saturday as a weddings photographer Mallorca, we had a wedding that I had been waiting for a long time. When I met them in person Aina and Victor I fell in love. They have a very romantic story, since they met they knew they were meant for each other.

They are that kind of couple that you notice right away they love each other very much and they transmit that feeling in a special way. Besides, they make such a beautiful and elegant couple that I was wishing as a weddings photographer in Mallorca to do something special with them.

The wedding day is unique in your life and the photographs of the big event will become one of the most special memories you will ever have.
The place they chose to get married could not have been better, Finca Binissatí a beautiful place in the middle of nature, romantic and elegant. I knew that everything would be wonderful as a weddings photographer in Mallorca and a great day awaited us.

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We arrived at the hotel where Victor was staying with his family around 16.00 in the afternoon. He greeted us with a big charming smile. We met his mother so elegant and nice together with his father and sister. A beautiful family.

We started taking pictures of him in his room while they helped him put on a beautiful blue suit from Hugo Boss. The straps and bow tie gave him a very elegant look that highlighted his cute face.

Once he was dressed, we took pictures of him in the corridors of the magnificent hotel with his family. I can say as a wedding photographer Mallorca offers beautiful hotels which is really great.

I had seen in the gardens a hammock hanging between the trees and I wanted to take some casual pictures in it. After that I made him lie down and laughing with his family I took a few funny ones. Next I realized that it was going to be very easy to take his pictures because of how natural he is.

From there we went to the beautiful Finca Binissatí run by Tomeu undoubtedly one of the best in Mallorca. Everything was already prepared. The catering was going to be done by wonderful  Variat. As a wedding photographer Mallorca I love to work with them.

It offers a very high quality both in terms of gastronomy, service and human quality with Elena at the head.

The bride, wedding photographer Mallorca.

We went to the bride’s room. Aina was already combed and made up together with her sister and her mother. All three were radiant and very happy. Aina showed us the very elegant and classic dress from Paola Carolina.

It occurred to me when I saw her to go up to a room upstairs where there was a beautiful light coming in from the balcony.

Once there I took advantage of that light and Aina’s beauty to take some wonderful pictures of her. She was charming and let me take her in all her splendor while she was changing.

I feel really happy as a wedding photographer Mallorca when I have this kind of brides.Her mother and sister helped her put on the dress and shoes, they were enjoying it very much.

Then came the father with the bouquet. It was a very emotional moment where they merged into a sentimental hug. As a photographer I love being able to witness all of this and capture it in my photographs.

Once I finished with Aina I went to where the ceremony was going to be held. At Finca Binissatí there is a forest of holm oaks that give a magical air and that’s where they do it. It’s magnificent how Tomeu has everything so well thought out and taken care of. He is really a great host to every weddings photographer Mallorca.

Victor was receiving the guests all very elegant. You could see the excitement of the people who wanted everything to start. Little by little they began to take a seat and Victor prepared to make the entrance with his mother.


They made it slowly so elegant the two of them. They arrived at the altar and separated with two emotional kisses. Victor prepared to wait to see Aina arrive.

She as a bride, was late as usual, Victor had to wait a while. She came in her father’s arm with a beautiful smile looking at Victor who was touched as soon as he saw her. It was so beautiful when they met at the altar.

Their glances said it all, what a beautiful couple. They took their seats and the ceremony began. I really like this moment as a wedding photographer Mallorca.

It was beautiful and there were moments when they read to each other. Aina made us all cry, telling Victor such beautiful things that he cried without being able to remedy it.

Then it was difficult for him to recover so that he could read what he had prepared. The love they feel for each other flooded us all. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had and as a wedding photographer Mallorca I feel very happy.

At the end of the ceremony the curious note was that we had to collect leaves and flowers from the ceremony in order to throw to them.

Between all of us we did it and it was a lot of fun, I was able to take pictures of them amid shouts of happiness from the guests.

Everyone wanted to congratulate them and they thanked everyone for their good wishes. Once the guests left for the cocktail area I was finally able to prepare what I had in mind for them.

Photos, wedding photographer Mallorca.

I had bought balloons with LED lights in the Carnaval shop and wanted to photograph them with the balloons.

Taking advantage of the natural light of the sunset I managed to take some incredible photos. It was one of those moments where they let me use my artistic part and thanks to them I took some photos that will be unforgettable.


When we finished we went to the cocktail where they made the entrance and began to chat and enjoy with everyone. These are moments where there are funny situations and natural gestures that I love to catch. Variat had prepared delicious things and everyone ate happily.

Naturally friends and family wanted to take pictures with the bride and groom who were already relaxed and looking forward to partying. Is one of my favourite moments as a wedding photographer Mallorca.


Once at the banquet with everyone seated they made a big entrance dancing around the tables with everyone standing and the lights half lit.

Suddenly when they reached the central part they turned on and it was incredible.

I had organized it together with Oscar of Lights and Events who are in charge of the lights and the sound.

Everyone was having a great time and the banquet was a success. Variat as always had prepared exquisite dishes and with the great service they have everything was great.

The bride and groom went around the tables chatting with everyone between plates.

They gave the bouquet and gifts to several friends. So little by little we arrived at the end of the banquet and the beginning of the dance.


I had prepared something special for that part as well. I like to do special things for moments like these as a good wedding photographer Mallorca. Talking to his friends, I organized that when the bride and groom finished the dance, they would lift the two of them by the air.

At that moment Oscar from Lights and Event would release some flares and everything would light up.

That’s how Aina and Victor made the entrance and started dancing. They did very well and we were enjoying them dancing. Once the song was over and without being expected, the friends lifted them up in the air and the flares jumped.

It was spectacular and everyone had a great time. It was a great party where we celebrated their love and where we all lived it intensely.

At last, It is one of the weddings I will never forget and as a wedding photographer Mallorca  it was very gratifying.

They let me do what I like. I thank Aina and Victor for being so incredible and I wish them a life full of happiness and love.

Recommendation of the bride and groom:

Aina Lleonart Piza , married on 22/09/2018

Capture the emotion

Inma gave everything at our wedding, always attentive to everything that happened, creative ideas and very good vibes. The result was spectacular! Thank you Inma for capturing all the love and happiness of our day.

You can see the link of this recommendation:–e60718/opiniones

Weddings photographer Mallorca

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