Wedding article in Mallorca

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Wedding article in Mallorca

Definitely Mallorca has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Because of this, more and more couples from all over the world decide to celebrate their wedding in Mallorca. There are many providers who are excellent professionals. They cover all the needs of the bride and groom in all types of preparations for their wedding in Mallorca. From the Finca where to get married, catering, dresses, floral decoration, music, lighting, video, photography etc.

Many countries highlight in their best magazines wedding articles in Mallorca. There are couples who come to see the island and fall in love with its beaches, nature and Fincas. Most of the time they spend a dream vacation here and realize that it is a paradise. They then decide that it is the place they have always dreamed of getting married. They are sure that they, as well as the friends and family that will be invited, will have a wonderful time.

Because of this one of the most famous bloggers, CarmeLatte wanted to make a wedding article about the island as an ideal destination. Her name is Claudia and her passion for travelling and writing has taken her to over 40 countries. She has been fashion editor and Social Media manager. Evidently it helped her build her blog the way it is now.

She came to Mallorca and researched all the wedding providers. Asked about the best places to get married, hotels, restaurants etc. Further more looked for the best suppliers and chose me as the best photographer in Mallorca. I felt very flattered and you can see by the result the collaboration was great.

On the whole, as a wedding photographer in Mallorca I am very lucky to live on this island. With its incredible places every corner is ideal. Every wedding or photo session I do for couples is pure magic. No wonder CarmeLatte has written this wedding article on Mallorca. Without a doubt I invite you to read it.

Mallorca – A Wedding Island

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