Wedding rings in Mallorca

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wedding rings in Mallorca love

Wedding rings in Mallorca

Wedding rings in Mallorca jewerly

Wedding rings in Mallorca

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According to all the comments and questions we have received, one of the details is very important. Besides that it will last a lifetime the emotional part of choosing the wedding ring is very special.

These rings reflect the intimate union you have and the desire to spend your life together. Every time you look at that ring all those incredible memories will come to mind.

Surely you dedicate special time and love to choose what will be so unique. The two of you will wear them with much love. It will be one more way to expand that complicity so beautiful that you already have.

There are many designs and qualities in the market. Sometimes it can be a difficult task to choose where to go and from whom to seek advice. That’s why we want to help you because we like to offer ideas to our couples about which professionals to go to.

Jewelry designers

Here in Mallorca we are lucky enough to have two great jewelry designers. One of them is Isabel Guarch. She has been creating collections inspired by the Balearic culture for a long time. Her pieces are high jewelry and she has earned great respect for her career.

Her works are very authentic and make very exclusive pieces. She was the first Mallorcan jeweller to be present at New York Fashion Week. She is internationally recognised. As they explain on their website, each bride is different and they design and make custom jewelry. Without a doubt, it is a reference point.

Another of the most exclusive stores that we love to recommend is without a doubt Suarez Jewelry. With 75 years of tradition and good work are an important part of the history of Spanish jewelry. They are synonymous with quality and exclusivity with a guarantee of many years of experience. They have shops open all over Spain and in Mallorca we are very lucky to have one of them. It was the jewelry chosen by the Prince and Princess of Asturias to buy their engagement jewelry.

Great professionals, wedding rings in Mallorca

Once you enter these wonderful shops let yourself be advised by these great professionals. They are sure to understand what kind of wedding ring you are looking for. They will offer you a great selection. You will be able to choose those very special pieces that will accompany you for the rest of your lives.

Without a doubt it is a very magical and special moment. Many of our couples tell us what kind of experience they had when they were looking for that ring. It’s something to enjoy and that’s why it’s important to know where to go.

Those same rings will have a great presence on the wedding day. It starts the day you choose who will be the person who will bring them during the ceremony. Sometimes they are children who are very dear relatives to you, nephews, cousins. Other times we have had the couple’s pet that is usually a dog. Seeing him enter wearing them in the neck has always been very nice.

After that is the time when you look at each other and put them on . For me it’s a very magical moment and I love to capture it in my photos. Many couples get excited and cry happily which is incredible. It’s always a reason for those who attend the wedding to get all euphoric and start applauding.

So when you tell us that one of the most important details is the choice of rings we agree.

Please tell us what you think about these tips, continue writing to us telling your ideas and comments.

-Joyeria Suarez : Alexandre Roselló 12-16

tel 971 77 16 27

-Isabel Guarch : Plaça del Mercat 16

Tel 971 284 232

wedding rings in Mallorca luxury

Wedding rings in Mallorca

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