5 Things you don’t know yet to make your wedding perfect

by Inma del Valle
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your perfect wedding

5 Things you don’t know yet to make your wedding perfect

There are many things that the bride and groom when making preparations for their wedding day do not know. They are not written anywhere and yet they are fundamental. After several experiences I have noticed a few that can help you.

The place where you change

The place where the bride and groom change is very important. If it is in the same finca or hotel, or perhaps in nearby houses, it is much more convenient for everyone. It is very common that in the preparation of the bride there is some delay. It is important that the bride is perfect and there are times when make-up can take longer than previously stipulated. If the groom is next to you we can use that time to take more pictures with more relax.

Knowing that the bride is close, they will let me know when she is ready. It will be a matter of minutes to go from one place to another. In addition, the people in charge of dressing both the bride and the groom must also be ready to look good in the photos. Many times this is delayed and is a stress for all if there is a lot of distance. Try to organize it this way if possible.

The lighting and the space

On the other hand, the place where the bride and groom change should be as wide and luminous as possible. Both for hairdressing and makeup is important. Surely you will want a family member or friends to be there to help you in those moments. So many people in a small room is often a burden.

We often find small rooms, without windows or with very little light, it is essential for beautiful and creative photos. There are always very special moments in the room. Above all, the delivery of the bouquet to the bride and we want the photos to reflect everything well. For all this, we must pay attention to this important point and choose the right place.

Late-night weddings, artificial lighting

When a wedding is late-night there are times when there is no longer natural lighting. In the area of the cocktail and banquet if there is good lighting in the form of a garland of lights or bulbs placed aesthetically high it would be perfect. The photos that come out with that lighting are the best. It’s something that we photographers care about very much. We know how important those moments are where you are with your loved ones sitting at the same table. When you wander around greeting everyone, you share laughter and hugs. You start giving those details to family and friends where there are so many emotions on the surface. All guests will be more grateful not to miss any detail due to possible dark areas or poor visibility. Sometimes spending a little more money on these things makes all the difference.

The DJ

One of the most important things is also to choose a good DJ. To have someone who knows which songs to play at a certain moment. The music often marks the whole rhythm of the wedding and knowing how to choose someone who makes it perfect is primordial. You have to keep the bride, groom and guests on the dance floor dancing happily and having fun. I have had cases in which there were changes of rhythm that didn’t hit and people stopped dancing.

You have to know how to keep people entertained for a long time with good songs not only in the disco but during the cocktail and the banquet. All this is achieved by a good dj. Apart from this, the quality of a good sound system will make it possible to listen well at all times. For that reason it is necessary to pay attention to this detail and to choose good professionals who make that we have a lot of fun.

Organization without Wedding-planner

This last one is curious and couples don’t usually think about it at all. Many times we have had weddings in which there were no wedding planners and the guests did not know what to do. For example, on that day there are relatives who haven’t seen each other in a long time. They usually start chatting intensely before the bride comes.

They don’t realize that you have to go into church or sit down and they keep talking. At other times the guests put themselves in the bridal corridor to take pictures with their mobile phones. That way, when the bride enters, they will appear in the photo behind her. Then the photo doesn’t come out as beautiful as it can be.

You have to tell them not to occupy that space. Other times you have to tell them that the cocktail is over and invite them to go to the banquet area. In many of those occasions we have had to act and put some order. We don’t mind doing it because it’s necessary. But there may be someone among your family or friends who is willing to do so.

You should ask and ask for help. That way everything will be perfectly organized and you won’t have to worry about anything in your day.

These are some recommendations that can help you a lot, and we will add more. Of course I look forward to your comments and questions as always…

See you in your perfect wedding!!!

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