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Photographer kids Mallorca

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First of all, I have to admit that photographing children is not always easy.

Therefore, it requires more concentration and also to be always attentive and prepared.

The children act and I capture those moments as a film director would do by shooting a scene.

Even if they don’t want to let themselves be photographed, one has to be always on the lookout for the photo.

Whether it’s to have a souvenir or to send it to an agency, hiring a good photographer will make a difference.

If you want your child to work for an agency as a model, you cannot send photos made with your mobile phone. It’s not professional. I can advise you on the agencies to which you can send them and how to do so.

A good photo book will show any agency the best qualities of your child. Therefore, consider it the best investment to fulfill your child’s dream or yours.

There is nothing more beautiful to capture in a photo than the smiles and looks on children faces.

Not only do I do the session but I also advise you on the best agencies that you can work with.

Keep in mind that when you are underage you have to know which are the best and safest agencies where you send photos of your children.

The session always consists of 15 retouched photos. 3 changes of wardrobe and the photographs are taken in studio and outdoors.

You can always choose more photos of the 15 edited photos at an additional price.

As a photographer in Mallorca I have taken pictures of charming children in extraordinary places. I choose different places for each session.

In conclusion, don’t miss the opportunity to have a lifetime memory of those little sweet kids.

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Photographer kids Mallorca


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