Photography to children Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca a la pata coja"

Photography to children Mallorca

Every day as a professional photographer in Mallorca I get pleasant surprises. Children pass through my studio and as soon as they set foot in it I fall in love with them. Today I had the opportunity to meet Luna, a little blonde girl of only 4 years old. Photography to children in Mallorca is one of the things I like the most and with her I have enjoyed a lot.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca fotos de estudio"

She came with her mother and brother on a day when there were a lot of clouds and it was threatening to rain. As you know I always give information about how the children’s book is going to be before in a phone call. If it is a book for modeling agencies I always take pictures in studio and then outdoors.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca niña modelo"

Professional children's photography book

Luna fascinated me the moment she walked in. She has that look of a naughty and nice girl that makes you smile as soon as you see her. In addition, she speaks with a super good self-confidence. Modeling agencies always prefer children to be open and capable of doing everything. They should not be embarrassed when it comes to doing things. That’s why her attitude is perfect.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca diversión"

Today we were keeping our eyes on the sky to see if we were going to be able to take pictures outside. That’s why we concentrated first on taking the quick studio ones.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca sonriendo"

Kids photo shoot in Mallorca

Her mother had brought a suitcase with three wardrobe changes as I always ask. She had brought some super cool and fun clothes. We started with a denim dress that looked great on her. While of course Luna and her brother Luca, precious names both, were fascinated by my little dog Noah.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca tumbada estudio"

As I always say, I like to make photography to children Mallorca very natural and spontaneous. I make them do things all the time and ask them questions. Sometimes they tell me their favorite song and while they dance or sing I take pictures of them.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca agencia de modelos"

With Luna everything was very quick and easy. When she knew we had candy at home I found her weakness. She loves lollipops so when she saw that I had one and gave her one she was very happy.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca con Noah"

I tell you that photography to children Mallorca brings me many good things. How easy it is to make a child happy, it’s wonderful. Besides, as she had this adoration for my dog Noah I wanted to take pictures with her. Noah is so good and so sweet that she lets me do everything. She loves to pose in the studio with the kids and that way they get a good souvenir. Luna I think she would have taken her home if she could.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca con piruleta"

Girl book for agency Mallorca

We made several costume changes, each one was funnier, with the wool hat I loved it. And with the black dress while she was eating the lollipop I was ready to eat her with kisses.

The time came when we had to decide where to go for the outdoor photos. We gathered everything we had in the studio and went to the beach nearby. It was windy and cold. In addition, some raindrops kept falling. Between her mother and I decided to do it so I took the transparent umbrella from behind the car and off we went to the beach.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca Luna en la playa"

Luna was happy with her hair up and her umbrella. It stopped raining for a moment and I took the opportunity to make her some alone without it. She danced there in a very funny moment with that funny face she has. You can understand why I like photography to children Mallorca so much. I really have a great time.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca perfil"

Many children also have fun and at the end of the session they ask their mothers if they can come back. I’m glad that they had a good experience at their first photo session and that they have a good memory. Aside from the many beautiful photos they use for modeling, it will be a memory for life. When they grow up and see them they will remember those hours doing something different and they will be able to tell about it and show the photos.

Children photographer Mallorca

I have many who have had the opportunity to work and do things in movies and commercials for example. Now after the pandemic a lot of things have started to be done on a creative and commercial level. They need kids of all kinds and there are lots of opportunities for everyone.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca elegante"

The best thing is to be able to travel and meet people from many different places. Other cultures and traditions. The more we open ourselves to new things, the more culturally enriched we become. Trying in this world opens up many opportunities, especially for children. Of course, I always advise that they go well accompanied by their parents and choose well everything they do and where.

"ALT"fotografía a niños Mallorca"

Luna will certainly be called upon to do many things. She is a good example of what I do in photography to children Mallorca. I hope it goes super well and she will tell me about it.

Photography to children Mallorca

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