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First of all, I have to say that I love being a kids photographer in Mallorca, is something I love. It is not always easy and requires more concentration, so you always have to be attentive and prepared.

They have an innate naturalness due to their age. This means that at any moment there can be a great photo. For any photographic catalogue of children’s clothes, Mallorca is an ideal place to take photos. It has many ideal locations for beautiful photo shoots.

Professional photographer in Mallorca

They are sometimes shy and find it difficult to get in front of the camera. Due to my great experience as a kids photographer in Mallorca I know exactly how to make them adapt immediately.
Earlier in my professional life I was a music teacher for children in a school. I have a degree in opera singing, which is why I went into teaching when I finished. Thanks to those years with children I learned how I have to talk to them and treat them. During the photo sessions I am interested in their tastes and their lives. I make them talk to me and tell me things that make them relax and trust me.

That way they are spontaneous with me and I bring out who they really are. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing children’s looks and smiles in a photo.

Photo shoots in Mallorca

As a children’s clothing photographer in Mallorca I have taken pictures in extraordinary places of lovely children. Usually I choose different places for each session. I like to take original photos that capture that special moment that is different from everything else.

I can take a group of children to a wheat field. Make them play like cowboys and Indians. Dress a little girl up in rock clothes and make her feel like an artist on stage. Go to a beach and make a girl dance to her favourite song on top of some rocks.

They have a great time and I enjoy bringing out their personality in the photos. There is nothing more gratifying for me than working  as a kids photographer in Mallorca with them and taking pictures .  Also they are very grateful, they notice the love and attention you give them. They return that affection immediately with a lot of joy.

I love these emotions that are created when I am taking pictures of them and they give me so much in return.

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