Kids photographers Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Kids photographers Mallorca

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Kids’ photo shoots are something I have a weakness for. I’ve always liked the naturalness they have in working with them. When they come to me with their parents and I know them I try to create a connection. It is not difficult for me as my relationship with children has always been good. The dialogue I have with them is special. I treat them like adults and very intelligent people which they are. They love all of this and respond to me in such a way that I am amazed.

This time Paola’s mother called me and she was charming. She told me about her daughter with a lot of admiration and I got curious. I gave them an appointment to come to the studio and we met. Paola is a girl who immediately envelops you with her personality. You can see the artistic qualities she possesses and I immediately thought that she could really use them with some Agency.

When it’s time for a session we usually start taking pictures in the studio. Once these are done, we go to some nice exterior generally to some beach at sunset.

We started taking pictures in the studio and she had a great time. It was like a game for her to be doing funny things while I photographed her. She has an open and funny personality that helped me to get a lot of good pictures. There were several costume changes where we chose what to put her. I always prefer them to bring a lot of variety and then make the combinations in the studio. I almost always ask that there be a set of casual or sportswear and other more formal clothing.

With Paola we had a great time and even took pictures with soap bubbles that I prepared for her. Because of her qualities I realized that she is a girl who is good for anything. She can do TV commercials, work in movies or act in theater.

When we finished in the studio we took the car and went to a beach area. There we took advantage of the good light of the sunset to take some very nice photos. I made her get into the rocks and she knew how to pose beautifully. Then I made her play with the water and I loved those photos. She knew how to have a good time and at the same time helped me to take good pictures.

Many times there are children who, depending on their age, you have to tell them all the time what to do. Above all, the little ones sometimes feel a little shy. Then you have to know what to tell them and help them. There are others who, however, are natural, they have that quality already in themselves. Paola was totally natural and knew what to do at all times. When you told her to look here and put a happy face, she did it. When you told her, go up and run back with your arms up. Besides, she did it in such a way that she gave you more than you asked her and it was phenomenal.

We were having a great time and I had already got all the photos I needed and more. I knew it was going to be hard to pick just a few. We said goodbye between kisses and hugs, meeting in a week.

When I had the photos uploaded to the computer I loved them all. Paola always turned out well and there were all kinds. When I had them ready and they came it was very difficult for them to choose. As I always do, I helped them. Besides, I gave them all the information they needed for the Agencies. I wished them good luck knowing that I was going to hear about Paola very soon. This girl with all her qualities had to do good  for sure. Of course I wasn’t wrong, after a short time they called me. One of the Agencies had a company interested in working with Paola. I was very happy and knew it would only be the beginning for her. I wish her all the luck in the world and it was great to meet her and help her in this new adventure.

Kids photographer Mallorca

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