Photoshoot for kids in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca very sweet"

Photo shoot for kids in Mallorca

I love children, I think I have told you that on other occasions. One of the best things about this profession as a photographer in Mallorca is doing photo shoots for kids in Mallorca.

They have an innate innocence and naturalness due to their age. Sometimes being the first time they are in front of a camera makes them shy. Due to the experience I already have, I know what to do and how to behave with them in a photo shoot with kids in Mallorca.

"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca"

Photographer in Mallorca

"ALT" photoshoot kids in mallorca"

Kids open up quickly and every moment you spend with them can be a great photo. That’s why you also have to act very quickly and be prepared. Some children like to jump or run, others like to play with something. They also love music and I play their favourite songs in the studio.

Kids have such a good time that they want to repeat, it has happened to me many times. There are also children who are sad that the session is over because for them the kids photo shoot is like a game.

"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca fun"

Moreover, in Mallorca we are lucky enough to have spectacular places where we can take them out. It can be in the sea, on the beach, in the countryside or in the forest.

Family session in Mallorca

On this occasion I was called by a family who live in London. They have a house here in Pollensa where they come every summer for their holidays. This year they wanted me to be their photographer in Mallorca for a birthday party. Also really wanted to do a photo shoot for kids in Mallorca and with their family.

"ALT"photoshoot love kids in mallorca funny"

They have two children who are so cute and beautiful that I thought it was a great idea. I think it’s great to do a photo shoot for kids in Mallorca to keep as a souvenir. When they grow up they will see them and live again those moments when they were little in Mallorca.

Photo session for children in Mallorca

"ALT"photoshoot kids mallorca"

We arranged to meet the day before the birthday in a beautiful countryside just outside Palma. They came to this photo shoot for kids in Mallorca with the two little ones so cute dressed up and with their favourite toys.

Kids give me a lot of tenderness when they come with their teddy bears and toys. It was a perfect afternoon at the end of August and the light was beautiful.

"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca with toy"

Immediately the children started to walk through the countryside exploring everything. There were many alpacas typical of the area to climb on or hide in. The parents started to take out various toys such as binoculars, chess etc.

The important thing is that the children don’t feel like you are there pointing the camera at them all the time. They shouldn’t feel invaded or that you don’t let them do things. The worst thing is to tell them to pose or smile, you can make them shut down and that’s not good.

"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca sunset"

Photographer kids Mallorca

The best thing to do in a photo shoot for kids in Mallorca is to leave them to their own devices. Let them feel free to do the things they want to do and like to do. Talk to them about their things, ask them about their favourite foods or games.

I love to be able to have all that time without rushing so that we can get to know each other a little. At the same time I take advantage of the time and take photos without them being overwhelmed.  Often the best photos are between a question and the answer they can give. When they are thinking about it and having a good time.

In this photo session with children in Mallorca they were both quite young but they had their own preferences. The boy clearly liked binoculars and his toys. She was more of an explorer and liked to walk in the countryside with her teddy bear.

What was clear is that my dog Noah always triumphs with the children. I love to take her to photo shoots as they can play with her or pet her. She offers the possibility for even the most active child to calm down and want to be with her for a while. In this photo shoot for kids in Mallorca it couldn’t be less and they fell in love with her.


"ALT"photoshoot for kids in mallorca"

Family photography in Mallorca

The parents also took the opportunity to have some time together to pose. Sunset in Mallorca offers an incredibly romantic and magical light. I took some beautiful photos of the two of them, which I’m sure will also be a great souvenir.

"ALT"elopement in mallorca love"

Some friends of theirs who also have children came along to play with each other. They were going to participate in the birthday party the next day and wanted to be in this photo shoot for kids in Mallorca. Everybody was having a great time and I was making the most of the light.

The sunset was brutal with a soft orange light that produced a very nice atmosphere.

They told me that they are in love with Mallorca and in the end they decided to buy a house so that they could come here all the time.

I was able to go to the area of Pollensa where they have the house. All that part is so beautiful and cared for. With spectacular roads all lined with green trees. It seems like you are in a fairy tale and you will see animals from one side and the other. I love Mallorca more and more and discover new places in every photo session.

T the end I wanted to thank them for all their sympathy and kindness. I hope to see them again very soon on another occasion.

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"ALT"sesión de fotos a niños en Mallorca"
"ALT"sesión de fotos a niños en Mallorca por el campo"
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"ALT"sesión de fotos a niños en Mallorca padre e hija"

Photoshoot for kids in Mallorca

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