Family photo shoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca abrazo tierno"

Family photo shoot in Mallorca

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a very nice family photo shoot in Mallorca. I hadn’t known them for long but from the beginning I fell in love with them. Let’s say they are the kind of family you would like to have around and enjoy because they are all very special.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca abrazos"

The mother’s name is Aina and more than a mother she is like a creator of days full of art, imagination, magic and love, a lot of love for her children. I say this because when you are among them what you breathe is love and complicity. They have a gift and that is that even though the children are small they seem to be friends and lifelong companions with Aina.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca risas en la playa"

Very special family

She tries to make the children grow up knowing different things, she doesn’t give them the ipad and leave them, or they don’t sit for hours hypnotised by the TV. She gives them activities to do, she makes them read and have fun, they do theatre, they draw, they dress up, they invite friends over. They are enjoying their childhood to the full, which I think is so important and beautiful nowadays.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca"

We met her thanks to a mutual friend and she invited us to an afternoon full of gastronomy at her house. When you are in a kitchen making delicious things, I think a special bond forms between people. Conversation and stories flow. Questions about all kinds of things to get to know each other better and better, laughter about anecdotes you hear for the first time. That’s how we met Aina and her house, which we loved as soon as we saw it, it’s full of a happy and creative atmosphere.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca familia junta en la arena"

Family photo shoot in Mallorca

Luckily we found out that Aina sometimes rents her house and we proposed a trade. She would let us use her house for a few days when she went away for a few days and I would do for her a family photo shoot in Mallorca. I had seen on her instagram the photos and videos she takes of her children and I thought they were amazing. Aina gladly accepted my offer and in May we spent three wonderful days at her house in Algaida. We really enjoyed the garden, the pool, the fireplace and the kitchen.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca besos a pares"

The day she left us the keys we met these two beautiful little people, her children Alejo and Bruna. They are 5 and 6 years old and both have a gaze that looks like the moon and the stars on the most beautiful night of the year.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca ternura total"

As a photographer in Mallorca you know that I love doing photo shoots with children. They are the most innocent and pure you can find and they make me laugh and feel good when I am with them. For these two and their mother I really wanted to do my part and take some beautiful photos for them to keep as a memory.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca baile"
"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca baile de hermanos"

The day of the photo shoot

We met up one afternoon in June, which by the way was quite hot. I love the area around the Faro de Ses Salines lighthouse and thought it would be ideal for them. We went a couple of hours before sunset to get some nice light on the beach and rocks. They were already there ready for this family photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca jugando"

Aina had brought bags with different clothes and super cool accessories. The kids had already enjoyed the beach while waiting for us and were curious about what would happen. They had never had their photos taken in this professional way so it was something new for them.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca beso en el mar"

As I know that children get bored if you tell them to pose, I immediately turned everything into a game. I made them run around in the sand and tickle each other, throw themselves on top of their mother and fill her with kisses. Dancing with a cat mask on their face trying not to fall in the water. Be Robinson Crusoe with beach sticks and think they are pirates.

They were laughing and having fun, and so was I because I love my job as a photographer in Mallorca. It was nice to see them loving each other so much and how well they get along.


"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca amor de hijo"

Enjoying nature

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca máscara de gato"

After being on the shore we went to the rocky area which is super cool. I wanted to take some photos of Aina swimming with her children, which I thought would be very special for this family photo shoot in Mallorca. The little one was a bit hesitant, which is normal, as they are very young. Bruna said yes and got in with her mum to take a few photos which were very nice. They went out and immediately covered themselves with a blanket, the sun was already going down and the change of temperature was noticeable.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca nadando"

When the family session was over, happy and excited because it had gone so well, we set off on our way back.

It is about a 20 minute walk back to the cars and one of the most special moments of this place is the sunset. As we walked along, the sun was setting. The light was brutal, one of the most beautiful on the island. Aina stopped with the children so that they could enjoy it and it was very sweet to see how they shared it.

"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca piratas"
"ALT"sesión de fotos familiar en Mallorca hermanos abrazados"

I want to thank this beautiful family, I will love to see them grow up and I hope that these photos will remain as a great moment of this beautiful time in their lives.

Family photo shoot in Mallorca

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