Wedding photographer Mallorca 2021

by Inma del Valle
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Wedding photographer Mallorca 2021

Finally, we were able to start having weddings, I can’t really believe it. After such a long time without being able to work I had a wedding that I can consider the best way to start again. I made my debut as a wedding photographer Mallorca 2021.

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I met this couple back in 2019 before the Pandemic started. The groom’s brother Toni hired me for his wedding at the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. It was one of the most beautiful and elegant weddings I have ever had. Already then the two of them as guests caught my attention.

Their names are Sebastián and Clara and they are not only very handsome but also a very nice couple, the kind of couple you would often go out for drinks and dinner with.


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Date available

I got a surprise call a couple of months ago, asking about a date in June that had recently become available. An American couple had decided to postpone their wedding to next year so I had it available.

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When they told me that they wanted to get married on that date, I was very happy. There are times when some couples ask me for dates that I already have full and it makes me very sad, especially when there is a good connection.

They live and work in Barcelona so we arranged to meet when they could come to Palma and we could plan everything well. As a wedding photographer Mallorca 2021 I like to personalize every wedding I do. This includes meeting the couples and getting to know each other better, having them tell me things about themselves etc…

At the beginning of May they were able to come and we met in Portixol to have a few beers and have a good time.


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Wedding details

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They told me that they wanted it to be an intimate wedding, which I loved straight away. As I have said on other occasions, I think that the fewer guests there are, the better everyone enjoys themselves. So it was only going to be 10 people, it couldn’t have been better. His and her closest family.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021luz de la ventana"

Clara had already found the perfect dress from Laure de Sagazan which I thought was very pretty and very much in her modern and simple style. Basti still hadn’t got his but he is very calm and wasn’t in a hurry. I knew he was going to be comfortable but elegant and as I know he has style I was sure he was going to be perfect.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 el ramo de novia"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 los anillos"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 reflejo"

The wedding day

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 novia primer plano"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 habitación del novio"

The day of the wedding we were all waiting for arrived. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not very good and we all feared the worst. First we had to go to the Hotel Son Bleda, a beautiful place where the two of them were going to change.

We already knew this hotel because we had done another wedding here and we love it. It is very elegant and modern with lots of artwork throughout the hotel. Very much in keeping with the style of today’s couple.


"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 novia en la ventana"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 gafas de sol"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 novia en la ventana"

Groom's Preparations

We went straight to Basti’s room who was already waiting for us. The groom looked calm and had on a playlist that we loved and we thought we’d get it . Basti had opted for a blue suit, which is his favourite colour, and a white shirt from CC Collection Corneliani. He didn’t want to wear a tie or a bow tie but he still looked very elegant and was true to his sporty style.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 preparativos habitación novia"

I was happy as a wedding photographer Mallorca 2021 to be able to start taking pictures after such a long time. In addition, his brother Toni, whose wedding I had done a couple of years ago, came along. Between the two of them there is a very good vibe and we immediately got into the spirit and I took photos together for the memory.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 brindis entre hermanos"

Bridal preparations

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 preparativos de la novia"

I finished quickly with them and we went to the bride’s room. Her hair and make-up were already done by Ana Mujal, who I love as a professional. She had already worked on the wedding I told you about at the Castillo Hotel Son Vida.

In that wedding she was doing the make-up for Jadzia who was the bride at that wedding and I was looking forward to greeting her again. They have just had a beautiful baby boy called Luis and she was gorgeous.

Happy bride

Clara smiled from the beginning when I saw her and she didn’t stop smiling all day long. She was very happy and you could see it, she was enjoying everything to the fullest. Her dress was from Atelier Laure de Sagazan based in Paris and with shops all over the world.

The beautiful bouquet and headdress were made by A di Amore who as always were a work of art. Her great class and elegance always enchants us.

Clara was helped to get dressed by her mother and sister Cristina who were also spectacular apart from being beautiful people. The truth is that we were having a great time, everyone was so happy and they were such nice people.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 madre de la novia"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 beso de madre"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 sonrisas"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 lluvia"
"ALT" fotografo de bodas en mallorca 2021"
fotografo de bodas en

Clara’s preparations were a lot of fun as I made her do everything and she let me. She wanted to have a great time and trusted me which is very important as a wedding photographer Mallorca 2021.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 amor"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 felicidad"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 juntos felices"

Official ceremony in Banyalbufar

When we finished with Clara we ran to the car because we had a long way to go to the town hall of Banyalbufar.

They were going to get married there with a private and quiet ceremony. It was raining a bit because the sky was turning dark grey little by little. When we arrived it was already raining and we had to take out the umbrellas.

Basti arrived and started to fill in the papers to have everything well done. The families arrived and the bride arrived in a car driven by her father, with her mother and sister Cristina. All of them were beautiful and very elegant.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 romanticismo"
"ALT" mejores fotografos en mallorca"

We had to take down umbrellas and coordinate everything well but finally they were able to make the entrance. It was something really beautiful and emotional although weddings like this are usually quick and cold. But no, they love each other so much and they are so incredible that with their looks and gestures they made us all smile.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 en el columpio"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 beso en el columpio"

Post-wedding and cocktail party

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 atardecer"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 pareja con la decoración"

From there we drove to the Hotel Son Bleda. We took advantage of some places on the beautiful road to stop and take some photos which, even though it was raining, made everything even more romantic. They had got over their nerves and were together, which was the most important thing. Together they ran along the road, the mountain and had a great time.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 beso en postboda"

Once at the Hotel Son Bleda all the clouds disappeared and the sun came out beautifully. We were very lucky and we were able to have a very nice cocktail party upstairs by the pool. There all together toasted the bride and groom and I was able to take pictures of them having fun.

The sunset was spectacular and we climbed the mountain a bit because from the top where there is a swing the views are even better.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 ternura"

We enjoyed the whole family toasting with them and they made us feel like one of them. It was a wonderful evening and it was the first wedding after so long. As a wedding photographer Mallorca 2021 I thank them for their confidence in me, I had a great time and I wish them all the happiness in the world. I’m sure we’ll see you soon for some beers when you come back to Mallorca.

"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 en la terraza"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 atardecer"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 puesta de sol"
"ALT"fotógrafo de bodas mallorca 2021 abrazo"
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Wedding photographer Mallorca 2021

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