Intimate wedding in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Intimate wedding in Mallorca

"ALT"boda intima en mallorca"

Hello again everyone, here we are at the Blog making a new entry with things you ask us. We hope you are well and slowly taking the new pace.

It’s crazy to think about everything we are living these last months. The coronavirus, whether we like it or not, has affected us all in one way or another. I’m not going to analyze the subject because it’s depressing enough and it would be repeating what we’ve heard a thousand times. This post is going to be about an intimate wedding in Mallorca, all the good things about it.

I want more than anything to focus on positive things. I think the best thing to do now is to accept everything and think about how to continue. As far as the bridal industry is concerned we are all helping each other. It’s amazing how nice it is to see how we support each other. I love that there is such a good feeling, there are real professionals, it’s super positive.

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Professionals for weddings in Mallorca

We’ve had to postpone a lot of weddings, not cancel, cancel is a word we don’t like to use. I’ve had a lot of very concerned couples call me, overwhelmed, with a lot of questions. It has given me a lot to see how the illusion they had in place has been transformed first into sorrow. Then that sorrow has given way to positivism.

All because we have put our grain of sand and we have tried all the professionals to look for solutions. That means, new dates above all and supporting the couples a lot, making them see that the best thing is to postpone their wedding if it was during the state of alarm.

"ALT"boda íntima de lujo en mallorca"

Many couples have had to re-arrange what they already had organized. They have had to make changes because now things are a little different. The conditions for celebrating weddings impose restrictions that must be taken into account. But, let’s say, this gives us the opportunity to have an intimate wedding in Mallorca

That’s something I like very much as a photographer in Mallorca. The most intimate weddings always bring with them incredible moments. There are going to be those who have to be there, those closest friends and family. There are going to be such beautiful encounters of people who haven’t been able to see each other for a long time. Yesterday I had a meeting with a couple and we were talking about that.

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A very special intimate wedding

They have friends in other countries that they had not been able to see and were travelling only for this intimate wedding in Mallorca. They told us that these friends were looking forward to it and that it would be the only event they would attend this year.

An intimate wedding in Mallorca can be so special and magical. You must let yourself be carried away by the opportunity. You will be more aware of what is going on and participate in everything.

You will see when the best man is fooling around with your friend the bridesmaid or the cousin from Barcelona is drinking his third wine in a row, you will experience all that. Besides, those looks and smiles between you and your best friends during the cocktail.

Seeing your parents dance after so much time worrying without leaving the house. Being able to enjoy the banquet and greet the tables celebrating to the fullest. You will have such a good time that you will forget all the worry you had.

All the suppliers will give their all, you can be sure of that. Both the catering professionals and the music and flower professionals. Those who are in charge of the video, the fincas, it is going to be an intimate wedding in Mallorca spectacular.

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Photographer in Mallorca

As a photographer in Mallorca I am so looking forward to taking some spectacular pictures. I want to photograph those moments when you meet for the first time during the ceremony.

You will feel the joy and excitement that this great day has come. I am sure you will forget all those doubts you had about whether or not to celebrate it. You’ll see how everything will go as planned, even better.

An intimate wedding in Mallorca is something unforgettable for life. That is why you must remember that it is up to you to make the wedding a success. You must enjoy and share that joy with everyone, you will remember that day with a lot of illusion for sure.

"ALT"boda íntima de lujo en mallorca"

Unique opportunity in Mallorca

There are a lot of couples these days who are looking forward to celebrations and having fun. That’s why besides having the wedding itself on that special day they organize other things.

It can be the day before or the day after the intimate wedding in Mallorca. It can be like a dinner the day before in an informal way or maybe a kind of party in a swimming pool.

On the day after the wedding they sometimes organise a brunch so that everyone gets together again in a more informal way. It goes without saying that all the gossip and comments about the wedding are told there. It is a fun way to extend the meeting with everyone and enjoy it even more.

There are couples who even choose a theme and have a Hawaiian or Cuban party at the pool. That the day before that you are more fresh and rested. The day after, it would be more difficult to ask anything of the guests who will be hung over for sure.

So what I want to say in this post about intimate wedding in Mallorca is that you have to see it this way.

Everything can go very well and you can have fun like you never thought. The guests are very eager to have a good time considering the restrictions. You are looking forward to your day.

We will all help you to make it perfect and magical. As a photographer in Mallorca I can’t wait to come on your wedding day and take some incredible pictures.



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Intimate wedding in Mallorca

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