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Sustainable wedding dresses

by Inma del Valle
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Sustainable wedding dresses

Here we are again in the blog making a post about one of the issues that most concerns us, sustainability. As you know we support all companies that care and create solutions to have an environmental awareness in their business. This time we want to touch on the subject of sustainable wedding dresses.

We are immensely lucky to have the prestigious Spanish firm Jesus Peiro. They have offered to answer our questions and give their point of view on the subject.

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Great reference in the bridal industry

Jesus Peiro was founded in 1988 and today has over 200 customers in more than 20 countries around the world. Since its beginnings they have been dedicated to the bridal industry and are a great reference point. All their dresses are manufactured and designed in Spain. It is well known the magnificent quality of the finishes of their suits that border on haute couture.


Their fundamental values are local production, personalised attention and exclusive designs. They are very environmentally conscious and create wonderful, sustainable wedding dresses.


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In their latest collection Jesus Peiro has opted for recycled materials in the fabrics they use. Above all they use raw materials from recovery and recycling. These are plastic bottles and containers collected from the sea. In this way they have achieved sustainable wedding dresses created with all the style and elegance of always.

Here I leave you with the interview we did with them and their answers:

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What is your company philosophy?

The philosophy of the brand is based on the philosophy of our CEO, Jesús Díez Betriu; his reference is a job well done, and the professional work of each and every one of the members of the company.

– Do you believe that sustainable weddings can be made?

Yes, absolutely. What’s more, this has always been our guide and our conviction. The proximity, the use of our own resources and the creativity at the service of everything that surrounds the production of a wedding, can mark this difference.

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- What do you do as a company to make your business sustainable?

Yes, absolutely. What’s more, this has always been our guide and our conviction. The proximity, the use of our own resources and the creativity at the service of everything that surrounds the production of a wedding, can mark this difference.

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What do you think can be improved in the bridal industry to make it more sustainable?

Under the philosophy based on the demand for quality, all the company’s dresses are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. In fact, ours is the only company in the sector with the Origin and Quality Spain seal. This is the official indicator of the sustainable reality of our company. In addition, the introduction of ECO fabrics in our collections makes it possible to materialize this sensitivity that the market increasingly values.

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Do you think this change is necessary and why?

To help improve the sustainability of companies in our sector, these two aspects should be enhanced: manufacturing (producing in a close environment, generating wealth and well-being for current generations

and future) and raw materials (increasing the use of recycled or non-polluting materials). The more these issues are addressed, the more we will generate an ECOSUSTAINABLE mentality in the consumer and that will be very positive for all sectors in general

Do you think this change is necessary and why?

It is necessary and we believe it is inevitable. Our world must always adapt to the reality of society and the environment. With the current health crisis and recent events, the concept of SUSTAINABILITY is consolidated as a necessary approach and a way to correct past mistakes.

For our part, we will continue to be committed to offering innovation and service, based on these new principles, and to continue improving all our processes, for the general good.

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Sustainable weddings

We thank you for your support of environmental care with your sustainable wedding dresses. We hope that they continue to be the great reference that they are and that other companies in the sector join them in this direction. We can create a world with more social responsibility and make it a philosophy of life.

We know that couples who are going to get married are very aware of these issues. We are very lucky and we love to be told and asked. There are many ideas and tips on how you can make your wedding more sustainable.

These sustainable wedding dresses are a great addition and we are sure they will be a success. More and more brides will choose them on their wedding day. They will be proud of their wonderful design and elegance as well as the great meaning they have.

Jesus Peiro in Spain has its own shop and five franchises in the most important cities. You can also find these sustainable wedding dresses in the best multi-brand shops in the country.

We will continue to bring you news and interviews on the subject in our blog. See you soon.

Sustainable wedding dresses

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