Sustainable footwear in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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sustainable footwear in mallorca

Sustainable footwear in Mallorca

sustainable footwear in mallorca

As you know I am very aware of sustainability in my professional world. For quite some time it has been a great concern to be able to do things and help as much as I can.

I have been doing interviews in my blog and supporting suppliers who have this sustainable awareness in their company.

I was proposed as a photographer in Mallorca a few months ago an idea that I found very exciting. To collaborate with a company that makes sustainable footwear in Mallorca.

sustainable footwear mallorca

It is a new company called Quggas and was born here in Mallorca. The company is made up of a young couple who realised the need to act and do something for the planet.

When I met them I loved all the excitement and effort they were making for their new brand. They really cared about all the damage that is happening because of the use of toxic materials.

sustainable footwear palma de mallorca

They spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with new materials for their products. They wanted to create a sustainable footwear in Mallorca with a lot of style at the same time.

They spent months and months working on the products and also looking for local suppliers, life-long craftsmen. They had a code of environmental ethics and conduct for their suppliers and manufacturers which I thought was great.

Sustainable brand philosophy

sustainable footwear palma de mallorca nature

In addition, the business philosophy that Quggas has as sustainable footwear in Mallorca is fundamental to me. They have a philosophy of respect for the environment, sustainability, social responsibility and human rights.


In order to be so, they take all the necessary measures to reduce and compensate for the impact they generate with their activity. They comply with all the requirements in reduction of Co2 and greenhouse gases. They avoid polluting discharges into soils, rivers, lakes, aquifers, seas and oceans.

In addition, they minimize water consumption to the minimum necessary for their activity. They use energy from renewable sources and optimize their consumption

Quggas, as a sustainable footwear in Mallorca, minimises, reuses and adequately manages the waste generated by its activity during the production, transport or packaging of its products.

They achieve all this by not using plastics in their processes or even in logistics, which I think is great.

sustainable shoes mallorca

Recycled materials in Mallorca

They use recycled materials such as marine and post-consumer plastic. The materials they use are of vegetable origin. They also use recycled materials such as jeans or assorted clothing giving them a second life. Clothes that would have ended up in the garbage.


One of the things they explained to me and I liked it the most is that they help associations. One of them is Reforesta, they do it by investing part of their annual profits in them and in Ong’s so they offset their Co2 footprint.

In addition, they support local employment and craftsmen by giving them decent jobs.

I would like to give you some examples of recycled materials that Quggas uses for their sustainable footwear in Mallorca.

ecological footwear mallorca

For the soles for example which are fully recycled are composed depending on the model of the following: EVA rubber, recycled pet, wood, natural cork, recovered PU, regenerated rubber. Recycled tire, vegetable leather, recycled coffee etc.

For the fabrics they use they do the same, most of them are made of recycled Pet R. Of the bottles recovered from the sea, recycled polyester, recycled or organic cotton. Recycled and organic linen, piñatex, hemp, eucalyptus, ramie (nettle) and jeans or recycled fabrics from disused garments.

Even for the laces of their sustainable footwear in Mallorca they use recycled polyester or organic cotton. The metal parts they use are all zinc-free and the dyes and colours are all water-based. They also explained to me that the linings and insoles inside sustainable footwear in Mallorca are made from recycled Pet or vegan micro-fibre.

sustainable shoes in mallorca

Quggas sustainable brand in Mallorca

As all this was explained to me, I became more and more excited about the project. I wanted to be part of it and help them as much as possible.

I think brands with personal values are very important to help build a better future. Especially by using a sustainable circular economy.

All this will help to preserve and reduce waste. Using sustainable brands in Mallorca should be integrated into our lives in a natural and spontaneous way.

We must think that we should not have many more products but try to have quality ones. So that they are also durable and so that we do not have to consume so much.

I think it is great to collaborate with QUGGAS, a sustainable brand in Mallorca with a social commitment.

When we make purchases, we must think and know what is involved. When we are buying sustainable products we help companies like this that make a great effort.

We must have as a philosophy of life to seek and promote sustainability in all areas. Make it a way of life and give an example to all that we can. We are not just buying a product. We are helping to take care of the environment, to prevent climate change.


sustainable comfortable footwear mallorca

Support associations in Mallorca

We are supporting associations that clean the oceans and plant trees to prevent the desertification of the planet. With a simple gesture like buying sustainable footwear in Mallorca we make all this possible.

I am very proud to do my bit as a photographer in Mallorca. We have to support companies like Quggas that act and want to be part of the change. You have to have an eco-conscious buying philosophy today, sharing it and promoting it to the maximum.

I hope you like all the photos and that you go to the Quggas website to see this beautiful sustainable footwear in Mallorca.

Sustainable footwear in Mallorca

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