Sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT "sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca"

Sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca

We appreciate all the love with which you are receiving the posts on sustainability. That’s why we continue to support environmentally conscious companies in our blog. This time the new post is about a sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca.

We are very lucky to have the collaboration of Silke and Alex Von Rolbiezki.

Silke Von Rolbiezki’s salon is a well known company in the beauty sector in Mallorca. Silke has been practicing the profession for more than 25 years and has an extraordinary awareness of the environment.

Here I leave you with her answers that are a good example of how you can help the environment from her professional sector.

"ALT" sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca Von Rolbiezki"

What is your company philosophy?

Above all we believe in the power of passion and happiness. Only with deep love and joy can something be created that has true value! The passion for beauty and well-being is our starting point.

 This is how the idea of creating a truly exciting hairdressing salon was born here in Palma de Mallorca. An extremely pleasant space that inspires all the senses. That activates creativity, harmony and excellence to create healthy and natural looks.

We believe in the magic of individual beauty, which we bring out with our technical expertise and intuition. To reflect interior and exterior glamour, creating a fresh and spontaneous style. Protecting the health and integrity of hair, scalp and skin.

We are committed to caring for the environment and people, setting an example in living values such as diversity, equality, respect, honesty and, above all, happiness.

"ALT" sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca Von Rolbiezki

Do you think it is possible to have a sustainable wedding in Mallorca? What ideas do you have to make it so?​

I believe that a 100% sustainable wedding is difficult here in Mallorca, as many guests arrive with planes or boats. But the more we try the better it will be. It’s worth it, without a doubt! But it is important that all the wedding participants, both the bride and groom and those who are part of the professional team, have a sustainable conscience.

Therefore, I would give preference to bringing together, above all, local staff who are environmentally friendly and responsible for their social environment. I believe that this is the only way to design, organize and develop a truly “eco friendly” wedding.

 As a sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca I believe there is a lot of play in applying the “eco friendly” philosophy to weddings. Locations, décor, lighting and energy consumption, wedding dress, catering, invitations and posters, transport and even gifts. To name a few areas where possible waste and emissions can be minimised.

Hairdressers and stylists who provide wedding services should only use balanced products. Made with natural ingredients and free from harmful ingredients such as parabens or petrochemicals. When using a hair dryer or flat iron you should opt for good quality and low consumption model.

"ALT" sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca Von Rolbiezki wedding

What do you do to make your business sustainable?

I want to be honest, with regard to sustainability I see the hairdressing and beauty sector very early on, not only here in Mallorca. Of course, there are more and more hairdressers who are environmentally friendly, but let’s be honest: there is still a lot to do!

Nowadays there is a huge offer of good “cruelty-free” products with natural ingredients. But packaging is still a big problem. It breaks my heart to see the amount of packaging that is thrown away.

I expect a lot more effort from beauty brands to offer sustainable solutions. Innovative concepts such as biodegradable materials or refillable packaging. There are good ideas, but I still don’t see large-scale solutions.

We as a sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca, for example, don’t want our customers to take products they don’t need. Even if it is beneficial for our business economically. We don’t think it’s ethical or right. We even encourage our customers to use products moderately at home.

Less product is always better, both for the health of the hair, scalp and skin and for the environment.

I don’t want to lie: our hair salon is not 100% sustainable. But we fight every day to improve. Since last year, we have been working on a theme every month to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Some achievements of this initiative have been to install a remineralized osmosis water fountain. Thus avoiding the unnecessary production of endless plastic bottles that have to be transported from far away. And the best thing: we avoid throwing away at least 1,500 bottles of water a year.

Other achievements have been replacing electrical appliances with low-consumption ones. Replacing LED bulbs throughout the salon, or changing the small filters that are screwed onto the end of the taps with an aerator. Saving 50% in water consumption and, if it is hot water, the same in energy.

As I said, there is a lot to do, but we are eager to follow this path, thus improving our carbon footprint.

In the social field we love to support craftsmen, artists and people from Mallorca who have the same ecological and social spirit. We make them known through our blog publications, Instagram Stories or in one of our “pop up” events that we organize from time to time in our salon.

"ALT "sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca shop"

What are you going to improve when this situation ends to make business more sustainable?

As I mentioned earlier, as a sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca, we are continually working to reduce waste and energy.

An important issue for me is to see how we can reduce the packaging of products used in the salon in the medium and long term. Products such as shampoos, conditioners etc.

Another issue of the heart is to make more use of local and regional resources. I think that we should avoid, wherever possible, long transports of goods and favour local supply.

I am aware that we are on an island and certain things will always have to be brought in from outside. But Mallorca has a lot to offer that does not have to be brought in from far away. It is not only beneficial for the environment. We also help the people here, promoting the economy of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

"ALT" sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca Von Rolbiezki salon"

Do you think this change is necessary and why?

If we want our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be able to continue enjoying a wonderful world worth living in, there is no alternative.

 If we do not start taking care of our beloved planet now, time will run out. We can’t afford it. Each of us has a responsibility to act! Not just in the area of weddings. Come on, there’s no excuse!

Sustainable beauty salon in Mallorca

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