Private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca son berga mountain"

Private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca

We are so lucky on this wonderful island. There is a paradise of private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca.

They are magical places, so well cared for and special. They know what an important role they play in many people’s lives. They are prepared for this all year round and when the big day arrives for each couple they look splendid.

As a photographer in Mallorca I love having such a variety of exclusive Fincas. They offer the possibility to make an original and different kind of photography. With all those corners that can be used to make artistic and different photos.
The intense light and colors that Mallorca offers are intensified in these private Fincas Weddings Mallorca. Every time we have a wedding in such a Finca I am always looking forward to enjoying its unique and special atmosphere.


Finca Can Simoneta

"ALT "private fincas for weddings in mallorca can simoneta"
"ALT"Private fincas for weddings in mallorca"
"ALT"private fincas for weddings in Mallorca pool"

Can Simoneta in Canyamel is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive. Its privacy is very special and appreciated.

The view of the sea with the cliff in the background is something magical. All surrounded by trees and grass offers one of the most fantastic places to celebrate a great wedding. This year we will have an international wedding there with many surprises and magical. We are looking forward to give everything and enjoy this privileged place on the island.


Dreamlike Fincas in Mallorca

Exclusive Finca in Alcudia


One of the most incredible and luxurious private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca is located in Alcúdia. When you walk through its doors you feel as if you were in Hollywood.

It has been used on numerous occasions as the setting for series, films and other events.

It is perfectly maintained and decorated with works of art. The numerous paintings that adorn its walls are signed by great artists. When you walk through its rooms and lounges everything is magical.

Its wonderful gardens and swimming pool are a perfect setting for a dream wedding. You will be able to enjoy without a doubt the best wedding that has ever been seen with an unbeatable luxury and exclusivity.

Mallorca offers the best you can find in the world in terms of locations for wonderful events.

You will only have difficulty in choosing in which one you want to celebrate the most special day of your life.

Private Finca Mallorca Sa Fortalesa

finca privada mallorca sa fortalesa
finca privada mallorca bodas

Sa Fortalesa is in Pollenca in the northwest of Mallorca. It is undoubtedly famous for being the place chosen by many sportsmen and celebrities to get married.

As the name explains it is basically a dream place where you can isolate yourself from the world. Or rather you can try, as sometimes there are people who in spite of security restrictions manage to sneak in or get the forbidden photo. It is a magical and exclusive place with incredible sea views, being very famous its stone arches and infinite gardens.

Its high price means that only a privileged few can rent its facilities and celebrate their wedding or event there. Even so, being able to have this type of private property for weddings in Mallorca is an honour. It shows the great cultural and architectural richness of Mallorca.

Amazing Fincas in Mallorca

Private Finca Binissatí in Mallorca

"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca love"
"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca binissati"

Another very special estate we have on the island is Finca Binissati. A very emblematic place of the wedding scene here in Mallorca. Surrounded by a holm oak forest with the magical traditional atmosphere of the Mallorcan countryside.

Without a doubt, celebrating your wedding there is a good idea because you know that everything will go perfectly. They are very big professionals used to celebrations of all sizes. Even so, they know how to personalize each wedding and make your day very special.

With Tomeu at the head of Finca Binissati, he has all the qualities you are looking for and will help you with everything. As a photographer in Mallorca I have been lucky enough to have celebrated weddings there with incredible, super emotional moments. It is a very romantic place that you will never forget.

Private Finca Son Berga in Mallorca

"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca son berga"
"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca son berga lights"
"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca son berga romantic"

One of our favourites is undoubtedly Finca Son Berga. It is perfectly run by Eli who is the sympathy in person.

You can trust her and know that on that day everything will be perfect. It has different spaces all spectacular to be able to celebrate the different parts of your wedding.

The view from the top of the mountains is very special and appreciated by couples. Both during the day and in the evening, the light produces a dreamlike atmosphere. You and your family members will be delighted to celebrate your wedding there.

At the time of the banquet the colorful and atmosphere of the lights above the tables is beautiful to me. It gave me the opportunity to take very romantic pictures.

All of these properties, with their great professionalism, make the perfect setting for your wedding. After you have spent so much time stressed out getting everything ready you need just that. To be able to trust that you have made the right decision regarding the Finca that you will remember all your life.

These are private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca where I will take those photos that you will always look at and make you smile.

You will remember those nerves before the ceremony and how everything was forgotten when you saw your partner for the first time. Those hugs that almost tore off your friends’ dresses when they saw you already married. Your grandmother holding back tears and hiding them without succeeding. You will have such a good time entering the cocktail party and finally drinking some champagne to calm down. So many moments to capture and remember over the years.

You will have many wonderful photos that you will see again and again in these beautiful Fincas.


Private Finca Comassema in Mallorca

"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca comassema"
"ALT"private fincas for weddings in mallorca comassema love"

Finca Comassema is another of the wonderful private Fincas for weddings in Mallorca.

Situated in the Orient Valley in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains you feel like you are surrounded by nature. As you approach and enter the finca the atmosphere of the clastra, the pool and the beautiful garden will conquer you.

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I have witnessed love stories and much joy at this Finca. There is a romantic atmosphere and the most special day of your life will surely be a magical one.

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