Caribbean wedding photographer

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Caribbean wedding photographer

How many times have we seen those images in travel agencies with heavenly beaches. The tall, eternal palm trees, those beaches with white sand and transparent waters. When we see them we feel like leaving everything and running there. Even me being a Caribbean wedding photographer.

  Maybe you have planned to go on vacation some day to a Caribbean country. But have you ever thought how incredible it would be to be able to have your dream wedding there? Your wedding in the Caribbean.

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There is no more special and awaited moment than your wedding day I tell you as a Caribbean wedding photographer. It must be a unique experience where you bring together your loved ones and friends. Imagine if you celebrate your wedding in the Caribbean with all that it represents. It can be a sophisticated wedding in a luxurious place or an intimate wedding on the beach. It all depends on what you and your partner want to do.

An idyllic place

The climate, the food, the landscape, the incomparable nature, would be like living a dream in your Caribbean wedding. A great paradisiacal party that nobody will ever forget and that you will remember forever.

Think that in addition you can make the honeymoon right there, you would have everything next to you. Without having to take any more planes or pack any more bags or rush. Enjoying incredible evenings with a movie-like sunset. Everything so romantic that you will not believe it. You will experience the perfect wedding and honeymoon.

It is something very possible and also easier than you think.

As a Caribbean wedding photographer, I love doing weddings there.

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Imagine what it would be like to feel the sea breeze as you approach the site of the ceremony. To see your partner waiting on that endless white sand. To have the sun go down while you put your rings on and promise each other a life together forever. Live music playing your favorite song.

Then receive the congratulations of your friends in front of the sea and enjoy the cocktail listening to the waves breaking on the shore.

Think of your friends’ faces when you tell them you are planning all this. They’re going to scream and want to go and spend a few days there enjoying the preparations and your wedding day. I’m sure they’ll take the opportunity to spend their holidays in some exotic place.

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Earthly paradise

You only have one problem for your wedding in the Caribbean and that is choosing between all those incredible places. The Riviera Maya for example is impressive.

 You can get married on one of the beaches of Cancun with the mariachis playing live music. Then you can go on your honeymoon to Isla Mujeres or Holbox. Magical places that have everything and where you would be the queen of the island, I tell you that I know as a Caribbean wedding photographer. They are full of beautiful little restaurants and cafes to enjoy after a day at the beach.

The time there seems to stop and you only have to worry about putting on sunscreen and enjoy. You can buy beautiful local ceramics as souvenirs and sarongs that you won’t see anywhere else.

You can also choose to get married in one of Tulum’s wonderful hotels and enjoy the next day lying in your hammock on the beach.

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Dream wedding

Think of those fresh mojitos and those tasty shrimp tacos. You’re not gonna want to go back and you’re gonna want to stay there forever. The two of you will have a married start in life that you will never forget.

There is nothing more romantic than discovering all that the Riviera Maya has to offer for your Caribbean wedding.

Other options you might want to consider are the Dominican Republic with Punta Cana, Jamaica and even Miami. The amazing thing is that you can go there when it’s winter around here. The best season is from October to February. So while everyone is cold you will be swimming in the sea and celebrating your paradise wedding.

I believe that as you read you think about what you have to pack, and I will tell you that bikinis and little more. You don’t need to carry much luggage, you can shop there and at a very good price. You only have to worry about finding a nice wedding dress according to the type of wedding you want.

Party guaranteed

Now, you might even think about having an Ibiza style party with all your friends the day before. It would be very original with everyone dressed in white, in flip flops drinking margaritas and cold beers in the middle of the beach. Watching the sunset in the open air with the starry sky.

There are many beach-clubs with music that rival any fashionable place in Europe.

In addition the friendliness and good service is very good and famous, you will succeed among all your friends doing something like this.

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Photos forever

As your Caribbean wedding photographer, I will be by your side so that when you return home, you can relive everything again. I will photograph those unique moments of the two of you when you meet at the ceremony. When your excited parents and your best friend will give you that big hug to congratulate you, you will have it forever.

You will see in pictures how the best man takes his third mojito trying to hit on your cousin who wore that red suit that fits her so well. Your future spouse will be so dark and handsome that he will look like a tropical James Bond. The photos I’ll take of you at sunset could be posted at any travel agency.

That’s right, your wedding in the Caribbean will be the most talked about in the office when you get back, you’ll have to show the pictures to everyone. Also, make sure that no sand from the beach falls when you take out your agenda that has been at the bottom of the bag you took without touching it all this time.

Your wedding in the Caribbean will be the best plan you’ve ever made in your life and I’d love to be your Caribbean wedding photographer to take those happy and emotional pictures of you. You just have to choose the day. See you in the Caribbean!

Caribbean Wedding Photographer

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