Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca bride"

Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca

Many weddings are coming up this year. Even if it is in a different way we have to keep the illusion of that special day.

  As a photographer in Mallorca, I am looking forward to it. We have to prepare many details and think about thousands of things. Here we want to keep uploading posts in our blog with many useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca.

The previous post with advice for your wedding in Mallorca from a couple we married last year you liked it very much.

We received very good comments saying above all that we should put more of that kind. So this time we published the answers of another couple who had an amazing wedding at Finca Sa Comassema.

Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca

As we always say a wedding always brings many emotions and above all generates many doubts. We may have gone to weddings of friends or family but we have lived them as guests.

It is something totally different since we only have to worry about what dress or suit to wear and have a great time. Besides, there are a series of rules that we already talked about in a post called Protocol for Evening Weddings.

They are useful ideas for wedding in Mallorca, very simple. They help us to know what to do at certain times, how we should behave, dress, etc.

The day of your wedding in Mallorca

  Being our own wedding the thing changes, we have to make decisions about how to seat all the guests for example. You’re not going to put your flirty cousin from Cadiz with your single friends because he might mess it up. Or your brother-in-law fan of Barcelona FC next to your grandfather merengue from Real Madrid to the core.

You also have to think about what kind of food to give and that everyone is happy. Because of course, sushi might not work for your Galician uncles, or the squid in their ink might be a bit dangerous. The July sun on the beach is very good but your grandparents may not like it on your wedding day.

"ALT"Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca"

Anyway, we are very lucky to have some very nice couples who help us by giving us those useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca. I’m sure there are some that you hadn’t thought of and that will help you a lot.

Here are the questions and their answers:

Now that it’s all over, what would you change about your wedding day?

The truth is that we thought about it and there was nothing. We don’t know if everything went perfectly or not but we enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. It was and will be an unforgettable day. If we had to say something, perhaps I would take the nerves out of the preparations at the hotel.

"ALT"Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca"

What do you remember most about that day? Positive and negative if there was anything.

Positive: The truth is that in the end it is always the positive things that you remember. We would highlight the festive atmosphere from the cocktail to the end of the wedding, how much fun we had, the music, the people dancing non-stop even longer than expected.

Negative: As we got married in October at noon we thought it would not be so hot, so we did not put enough umbrellas to cover completely and we had a little bit of heat during the meal.

Was there anything special that made you very excited?

"ALT"Useful ideas for your wedding cocktail"

The speeches moment was really exciting. We were doubtful whether or not it was a good idea to have speeches at the end in case they became too heavy for the other guests. But the truth is that we remember it as a very emotional moment for each of them.

What was the most special moment of the wedding as a couple for you?

We think, although it sounds like a cliché, the most exciting moment is when you first see each other in the ceremony. You go with nerves, you have been preparing and thinking about that moment for so long, imagining how it will be or what it will feel like and at the end it is a unique moment in which you finally see the person you have chosen, looking at you, to take that step, and furthermore surrounded by all the people you love.

Do you think you should have given more importance to some special aspect of the wedding and didn’t ?

We can’t really think of anything, hahaha. Every single moment of the wedding had its importance.

What would you recommend to other couples who are getting married?

The most important thing is to lose your nerves at the beginning and not to worry if everything is going well or if something goes wrong because in the end it’s a day that you will have prepared and waited for a long time, so it will go well for sure. It’s a day to enjoy to the fullest and remember it always.

Also, it is important as a useful idea for your wedding in Mallorca to enjoy every step that is taken together, the place, the flowers, the food, etc, every moment of the process is special and unique.

"ALT"Useful ideas for your wedding love"

We lived this wedding to the fullest and enjoyed it immensely. There was a very happy atmosphere all the time mixed with very emotional moments. As they say, even though it was October, the weather was great. The live music made it a party from the cocktail and there was a lot of dancing.

"ALT"Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca"

Keep these good ideas in mind for your wedding in Mallorca. As a photographer in Mallorca I love helping my couples and having fun with them.

As always we are looking forward to your comments and advice.

Useful ideas for your wedding in Mallorca

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