Tips for your wedding in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
consejos para tu boda mallorca

Tips for your wedding in Mallorca

These days we get a lot of good comments about the tips for your wedding in Mallorca that we give you. There are very good ideas that we uploaded as a photographer in Mallorca in the blog. Especially the concept of trying to do as much as possible to have a sustainable wedding in Mallorca has been very successful. Sustainability is a very important issue and we must do our best for the planet.

There are many positive comments about our new posts and we are very happy about that. That’s why we keep writing about useful things and tips for you who are getting married very soon. We know that you have many doubts and questions about different topics of the wedding. This time we have thought of something quite interesting and I think you will like it very much.

consejos para tu boda en mallorca

Useful advice for your wedding in Mallorca

The truth is that organizing a wedding generates a lot of stress as well as joy. It’s inevitable to want to have everything tied down but it’s a headache to try to think of EVERYTHING. This is more difficult for couples who do not have a wedding planner and try to do it alone with friends or family helping them. Even with a wedding planner it is inevitable to want to know things, details and organize something, you want to participate and enjoy it which is normal.

That is why we have asked several couples that we have had and have already married. These are questions about what useful tips for your wedding in Mallorca they could give to those like you who are getting married. They have already been through this experience from start to finish. So nobody better than them to give good ideas about what to do or not to do.

consejos tu boda mallorca

There are weddings of all colors and many things can always happen. We know this well because we experience it from the inside as a photographer in Mallorca at every wedding. Most of the time everything works out super well and there are no strange things that cause any problems. But there are others where the unpredictable happens and many times it depends on how you know what to do with it.

So we have asked and here you have the first answers. As you can see, there is a lot of things to do, and I am sure that these answers will be useful to you as tips for your wedding in Mallorca.

Interview with couples who have already

married in Mallorca

1- Now that everything is over, what would you change about your wedding day?

Nothing! It was a perfect day for us, which exceeded any of our expectations. All the worries that we had accumulated after so many months of preparation disappeared in an instant and all that was left was to enjoy everything that we had prepared with so much illusion and effort.

2- What do you remember most about that day? In positive and negative if there was something.

Negative: The rain. Although it was only an instant of 10 minutes at the arrival to the finca Son Berga , in our mind there were only all those things that we could not do as planned, the dance, the dinner, appetizer, photos,… But it was only the fright, at 10 minutes the evening opened again, the heat of July disappeared and it was a perfect night for the party. Another negative thing could have been the cake, it was a nice moment for the photo, but it is a pity that in the end nobody ate and 95% went to the garbage :(.

Positive: Seeing each other in church for the first time, how much fun all our family and friends had, seeing that everything went smoothly, the surprises Eli prepared for us, the involvement of our friends in the party (they gave everything!!!).

consejo para tu boda decoracion

Emotions at your wedding in Mallorca

3- Was there anything special that you were very excited about?

The involvement of the guests in the atmosphere of the party. It was impressive to see how all our friends and family were part of the party, giving it all

4- What moment of the wedding was the most special for you as a couple?

The ceremony and the dance. It was a moment for just the two of us and we enjoyed it very much, outside nerves ?

consejos para tu boda mallorca son berga

Advice about what to do at your wedding in Mallorca 

5- As time went by, do you think you should have given more importance to some special aspect of the wedding and didn’t give it?

The flexibility of the bus ride home. We thought everyone would stick it out to the end but they didn’t. By only putting in an extendable schedule for the return to Palma, we were dependent on all the guests using the bus joining in. This point was not as we expected, and there were very tired people, so we were forced to cut the party short 1h earlier than we would have liked. Therefore, I would recommend tying up this point of transportation better so that people who want to continue with the bride and groom don’t have to stop and people who are tired can return home without problems as agreed.


6- What would you recommend to other couples who are getting married?

To trust to the maximum the person who will help you to prepare the wedding, in our case Eli from Finca Son Berga in whom we deposit 100% of our confidence, and that we would not change for anything in the world.

Furthermore, sometimes you will incur superfluous expenses that are certainly not essential, but the question is whether you want to remember your wedding for something you would have liked to do but didn’t do for money, or as the most special day of your life, there are things that are priceless. We will certainly remember it as the most special day of our lives so far ?

bodas en mallorca

No doubt there are some very good tips for your wedding in Mallorca. We had a great time at this wedding. As they say in the answers this couple, the guests were very lively and eager to party. They did a lot of things in complicity and that made fun things happen all the time. As a photographer in Mallorca that’s a great thing because I was able to take a lot of spontaneous photos.

We will continue to upload more responses from couples so that you will have a lot of good advice for your wedding. We look forward to your comments and suggestions as always.

Tips for your wedding in Mallorca

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Hochzeit Mallorca 8 June, 2020 - 9:47 am

Thanks a lot for these individual and helpful tips. I love the wonderful pictures!

Inma del Valle 8 June, 2020 - 9:50 am

You are welcome!! And thank you so much for your words?


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