Sustainable wedding company in Mallorca, Tot a Punt.

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"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca Tot a Punt weddings details

Sustainable wedding company in Mallorca

As we were telling you in previous posts about sustainable weddings in Mallorca, we continue to write in our blog about trying to be ecologically aware. It is a priority that as people we try to influence everything around us and that this is reflected in as many areas as possible. This time we are going to talk about a company that does sustainable wedding company in Mallorca.

Professionally in the bridal industry I am lucky enough to work alongside great professionals. They are always trying to do everything possible to make their weddings perfect in every way.

One of these great companies is Tot a Punt , which has been organizing exclusive events in Mallorca for over 20 years. They found the idea of awakening an ecological conscience in this sector great and wanted to share their contribution as a sustainable wedding company in Mallorca.

Mar Martin, director of public relations and communication at Tot a Punt, was kind enough to answer a number of questions we asked her.

"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca

Interview with Tot a Punt

What is your company philosophy?

For us the name of our company “Tot a Punt” is more than just a phrase. It is the philosophy that its owners try to transmit daily to the whole team and to transfer in each event: to anticipate the problems that may arise, to take care of the client’s fun and to take responsibility for its success, “…because if the guests of an event manage to remember it, there is no better publicity than a satisfied client, talk about you”.

As far as sustainable weddings are concerned, we are committed to proposals that respect the environment, because we believe that we must all be responsible for the impact we have on the environment.

"ALT"catering sostenible en Mallorca tot a punt catering banquete boda

Do you think it is possible to have a sustainable wedding in Mallorca? What ideas do you have to make it so?

Of course it is possible, and above all it is necessary that little by little, the bride and groom become aware of the importance of sustainability beyond the fact that it is a trend concept in recent years.

We must make it clear that choosing a sustainable wedding does not mean that it will have less decoration or details than a traditional wedding. It means that it can have the same or even more, just that the decorative elements and details respect the environment.

The basic steps to make an eco-friendly wedding are the following: Choosing a location that is easily accessible for your guests (this is how we control transportation), invitations that show your commitment to the environment, homemade or natural details such as the soap that your guests will use, the materials of your wedding gowns, taking into account the lighting (taking advantage of sunlight) and using for the evening, personalized menus…

"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca Tot a Punt

What do you do to make your business sustainable?

In our case for our sustainable wedding company in Mallorca, we rely on customizable menus that are adapted to the guests according to their intolerances and allergies. Basics that make the difference, for example we opt for seasonal products that respect nature.

We use local products as this also encourages small businesses and avoids large transport journeys. And as for the decoration when they have natural flowers, we try to make our customers aware, that they should opt for seasonal flowers.

"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca Tot a Punt cocktail

"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca Tot a Punt wedding cocktail

What are you going to improve when this situation ends to make the business more sustainable?

For a few months now, internally, we have been making our team aware of the need and importance of being respectful of the environment. Since we started, we have seen great improvements, which although they are simple as we are a large number in the company, we believe it is a great improvement.

We have reduced the use of paper and avoided the use of plastic. Even did something that we thought was impossible: we have managed to get some departments to join us in the office. Therefore we have reduced the number of cars that come daily to Manacor.

And from home we are now working to see how to continue to make the bride and groom aware of the need to choose sustainability at their wedding too. Last season our wedding planner team got some brides and grooms to make donations to NGOs.

They chose seasonal flowers, LED candles instead of natural candles, they took into account their guests’ preferences for the menus… And we hope that this season, our bride and groom will become even more aware.


"ALT"sustainable catering in Mallorca Tot a Punt banquet

Do you think this change is necessary and why?

Yes, of course. Continuing to disrespect our environment has no future. It is something simple, just as we take care of ourselves personally. We choose what cream to use, what clothes to wear, we must be responsible and decide where and how we want to live.

We thank Mar Martin from Tot a Punt and we appreciate very much all that you are doing as a company for sustainable weddings in Mallorca.

Making sustainable weddings in Mallorca is possible and there are companies that do it. We will continue to offer you examples and advice on this in other posts, see you at your wedding!

Sustainable wedding company in Mallorca, Tot a Punt

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